Voice Mobility

Make the Smart Decision

Mobile engagement is the new way to work and voice enabled mobile apps transform the way employees interact with enterprise data. Mutare combines mobile applications, speech recognition, and back-end systems to voice enable just about any business process. These customized applications are built from the ground up to engage employees or consumers with mobile devices in an intuitive manner. Consider the following use case examples:

Mobile CRM Access

Mutare can engineer a mobile application for your workforce to input and retrieve CRM data from a Smartphone using only your voice. Voice enabling CRM systems ensures that data is input when it is still fresh in a sales person's mind just after a customer encounter and speeds response times and transactions resulting in faster and more profitable sales.

Mobile Form Filling

Mutare can take speech enabled form filling on the go. The following concept video takes Mutare's 20 years of IVR experience and adapts it to real-time field reporting. In this example, we show how a mobile inspector can complete and issue a building permit in a fraction of the time it would normally take, making municipalities more responsive to business and removing barriers to rapid economic development.

Mobile Talent Scouting

When it comes to mobile engagement, go ahead and think outside the box. In this concept video we show how a sports talent scout, using only his voice, can collect real-time reports on the go and feed them back to management to make fast decisions on talent.

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"We've gotten rave reviews about the new tools, especially from our 'power users' in the field, who really appreciate speed and efficiency for their communications. Overall I'd estimate that we have increased productivity of our people in the New York area by at least 15%."
-Craig Cuyar, Cushman & Wakefield