Voice Forms

Make the Smart Decision

Mutare's Voice Forms is an IVR solution that makes form filling by phone easy. It is a time and resources-saving tool for creating and responding to voice-based forms. Combining the speed of the Internet with the simplicity of a phone call, Voice Forms can fill a wide range of applications, from automating field technician status calls to recording and tracking customer service requests. Voice Forms allows an organization to quickly gather and process the information it needs while freeing its people for other tasks. giSTT Audio can be added as an option to voice forms to convert speech to text making form filling even easier.

Voice Forms Benefits

  • Rapid ROI through automation of time-consuming manual reporting processes
  • Quicker access to information that supports decision-making
  • Increased accuracy of data collections
  • Improved customer service

Voice Forms Requirements

  • Mutare Communication Server (MCS) with telephony cards that interface with your phone system
  • Remote access to your MCS for installation and support