Spam Calls are Harming Your Business. We Can Fix That.

The first viable solution that stops voice spam and robocalls
to your enterprise. And it’s only from Mutare.

Spam Calls are Harming Your Business. We Can Fix That.

The first viable solution that stops voice spam and robocalls to your enterprise. And it’s only from Mutare.



Get messages your way. Mutare Voice enables faster response to important phone messages from any device, blocks spam call notifications, and uses advanced speech to text transcription and analytics for better customer insights and an improved message management experience.



Get notifications anytime, anywhere. Mutare Text leverages the immediacy and mobility of text communication both within and outside of the organization, protecting employee privacy while enabling effective customer and team engagement from anywhere.


What some of our partners & clients are saying

Not only does the Mutare system make our people more efficient, but our company is realizing significant savings through reduced phone usage.

Michael Repella, Telecommunications Engineer
Philips Lifeline

The beauty of this application is how fast and reliable it is. Within seconds our entire executive team had the emergency alert and could relay back their acknowledgment.

Mike Sorensen, Chief Technology Officer
Interactive Health

It (Mutare Voice) is such a time-saver for everyone and has made us a more efficient and responsive operation.

Jack Pennypacker, IT Network Administrator
Baxter Manufacturing

By using Mutare, the process was invisible to our users and we avoided a significant amount of down time.

Roger Richardson, Network Engineer
Spirit Communications

Employees using it (Mutare Voice) are very satisfied with this product and the standard response seems to be ‘Oh Wow… That’s pretty cool!’

Jami Moore, Telecommunications Specialist & Engineer
MTD Products

COVID-19 is Demanding a Greater Focus on Remote Communications

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, businesses of all sizes are being thrust into an escalating and complex challenge of communicating with employees, business partners and customers. Most organizations have programs in place for emergency preparedness and disaster recovery situations, but the sheer scale and micro timeline we
are experiencing with COVID-19 is not a scenario many were ready for.

Carriers & Service Providers

We’re focused on creating strategic partnerships to support your organization’s growth.

Seamless Integration

Our versatile giSTT gateway seamlessly integrates into your existing network without the time or expense of complex re engineering, delivering transcription accuracy that is second to none.

Easy Customization

We can customize the look of the giSTT email delivery with logos and design elements to help extend the reach and positive impression of your brand.

Trusted Support

Our experienced team of product engineers deliver a painless implementation from beginning to end, backed by Mutare’s world-class ongoing customer support

Innovative Solutions

We’ve expanded our carrier/provider offerings beyond voicemail-transcription to include IVR and contact center transcription. What’s more, through its robust giSTT API. Mutare gives developers unlimited potential for speech to text integration with their existing business systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers demand the latest in communications technology. With Mutare’s speech-to-text solutions, you give them the best the industry has to offer.

Increased Revenue

With our flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solutions, you can provide value-add services to customers that differentiate you from the competition and increase your bottom line.

Industries + Mutare

Industries using Mutare products to deliver their message

Customer Service
Call Centers