we are just beginning, yet have big Plans!


Vishing Awareness is a grassroots initiative focused on getting the word out about an established, yet evolving attack vector where the weapon of choice is the telephone. We want to arm the business community with the knowledge and resources to protect and defend their organizations from all forms of Vishing.


Educate and Inform the business community about Vishing and its many derivations.

Create a Community of Vishing experts, technology providers and services organizations.

Serve as a Central Hub of the latest news, thought leadership and tools.

why mutare is taking the lead

Mutare is a software development company which has been focused on applications and systems to improve business communications and collaboration. A few years ago, one of our customers asked us if we could help reduce the amount of telephone spam they were receiving, as it was impacting their business. Fast forward to 2023, that customer inquiry marked the beginning of an organizational pivot where we find ourselves today. In 2024, Mutare is quickly becoming the recognized industry leader in voice protection.

But that is just the beginning of the story.

In 2022, we were exhibiting at the renowned security conference, RSA. One of our strategic priorities for this event was to conduct in-person surveys of security professionals on the topic of voice network attacks. Our intent was to understand how security professionals view this growing threat vector, if their organizations had been impacted, and what they were doing about it.

Again, each survey was conducted face-to-face via quick interview using a tablet to record the answers to twelve (12) multiple-choice questions. The complete survey results can be viewed here. But, what was most startling, what really stood out to our Survey Team, was that this focused audience of cybersecurity experts (attendees and sponsors at the 2022 RSA Conference) were not aware of the terminology or diverse attack tactics relating to the voice channel, the telephone or sms communications…and so, the idea for Vishing Awareness was born.

2023 & Beyond

2023 was the inaugural year for Vishing Awareness. As a grassroots effort, this year we are driven to compile impactful content, assemble a group of collaborative partners, continue the initiative, and get the word out. Our second annual go-to-market push will be centered on Vishing Awareness Week, which is strategically planned for the week of April 22 – 26, prior to the 2024 RSA Conference.

To get this boulder moving, our web presence and digital infrastructure will be supported by Mutare. By 2025, our roadmap includes a new website at vishing-awareness.com / vishing-awareness.org, as well as our own social media presence in twitter and linkedin.

Partners & Collaborators

In the beginning, our goal is to attract a handful of partner organizations who have expertise and a core competency in the fight against cybercriminals who are using the voice channel to target their victims. We are seeking partners from broad disciplines, including: Government Agencies, Business Coalitions, Technology Companies, Security Training organizations, Managed Security Services companies, and Cybersecurity Consultants and Resellers.

Partners will have multiple opportunities:

  • Partner webpage; content may include Logo, Name, Company overview, Value Prop for Vishing Protection & Defense, up to 3 Links
  • Vishing Awareness Week; sponsor, presenter, panelist
  • Promotion & Outreach; email campaigns, social campaigns, press releases, media coverage

As Vishing Awareness matures, we will invite additional organizations to join us in our efforts. If you have interest in becoming a Partner or Collaborator, we’d love to hear from you: Let’s Connect


Who is involved?

Vishing Awareness Week

April 22 – 26, 2024

Educational Webinar

April 24th, 2024

Vishing 101

Education & Info