Account Executive

June 2022


The Account Executive (AE) is an associate sales role with strong emphasis on growth and development. This position will work alongside our existing Sales team to develop the skillsets and experience to progress quickly into a Senior Account Executive role with individual territory responsibilities.

The Account Executive role is best suited for Sales candidates who do not yet meet the required experience for Senior Account Executive, but who display attributes to quickly grow into the role via on-the-job experience.


  • Strong professional development focus via training, shadowing, practicing, and self-study activities.
  • Work with Vice President of Sales & Channel to create and implement strategies to meet personal sales development goals, as well as those set-in place by the company.
  • Work alongside assigned RMs to take on increasingly higher-level selling activities with prospects. This will include lead creation and management, discovery conversations, solution demonstration, and eventually, full solution selling activities.
  • Participate regularly in client and partner facing events with a focus on new opportunity creation
  • Sell


  • Achieves assigned growth milestones quickly
  • Demonstrates acumen of product, sales process, and funnel management skills
  • Assists with achieving new business sales and opportunity growth in assigned territories


  • Reports to the Vice President of Sales & Channel.
  • Enlists the support of product or technical team as well as other sales and management resources as needed.


  • Four-year college degree from an accredited institution
  • 1-2 years business development, inside sales, or enterprise sales experience.