30-Day Trial for CCaaS

Immediately Cleanse Your Inbound Call Flow

Turn-on our Voice Traffic Filter and immediately remove nuisance and nefarious calls from your inbound call flow.

Omni-Channel Excellence is Highly Dependent on Voice

The Voice Channel is the most critical component of an omni-channel strategy, and often the barometer of excellence in both the Customer Experience and overall Contact Center Performance.

Voice Protection is literally minutes away…

Setting up your 30-Day Trial, or Proof of Concept, is extremely simple and easy within your CCaaS portal. Your organization is minutes away from experiencing the power of the industry’s most powerful and highly awarded cyber solution for voice security.

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Simply add VTF to the Call Flow

The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter plays well with others and can easily slip into your existing call flow.

We remove Nuisance and Nefarious Calls

Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter

Your most powerful, award winning solution for Voice Threat Defense

The Voice Channel is under attack.

What began with voice spam and robocalls has now escalated with new forms of nuisance and nefarious tactics designed to exploit the always available, unprotected telephone. Today, many Contact Centers are experiencing a significant amount of these unwanted phone calls which creates two incredibly harmful problems:


Inaccurate KPIs & Metrics

Many Contact Centers’ most important KPIs and Metrics include phone call data as key components. When an organization’s call data includes significant unwanted calls, the resulting numbers are suspect and should not be relied upon for organizational oversight and decision-making.


Agents as Protectors of the Enterprise

Through the phone, highly-trained cyber criminals and bad actors have direct access to your people, and no matter how much security awareness training your team has gone through, Agents are inherently customer service focused and empathetic. Should Agents be your key protector against those out to do your business harm?