He had a very specific career ambition growing up: to be a Cowboy Banker.

Unconventional perhaps, but that vision was what truly drove Colin Millstone’s choice to attend the University of Denver in 1983 as a Finance major. He later added an MBA to his credentials, which launched him into an early career in the banking world.

Working as an executive on the operations side, he found himself drawn into the then-burgeoning field of digital technology applications, big data, and enterprise systems, often challenging entrenched industry orthodoxies in his pursuit to find better ways to do business and serve customers.

Still the cowboy at heart, he followed an uncharted path into the world of IT where his expertise in process improvement, organizational management, team building, and technology landed him roles, both managerial and consultative, helping technology firms successfully define and then meet their business goals.

In 2010, Colin launched a unique new industry category, Marketing as a Service (MaaS,) and founded his own company
around the concept of developing and implementing agile, budget-friendly, business-focused marketing strategies that
align resources and strategies with clearly-defined business objectives.

Today, as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Mutare, Colin’s leadership, experience, vision – and yes, his dogged
cowboy spirit – are key elements that define not only Mutare’s identity, but also its path into new territories and opportunities open to those who dare to be first.