Communications for Immediate Attention

Seamless, secure, compliant remote
communications are more critical
today than ever


Text In-Need

We have assembled a special offer based upon our industry leading Mutare
Text solution. This special bundle is designed for Rapid Implementation and
will immediately enable your organization to communicate via Text Message to
drive immediate attention.

Key Features

Overview: Mutare Text

Mutare Text is the most robust Enterprise Texting Solution in the marketplace. It is simple to use, quick to implement and plays nice with all your enterprise collaboration solutions. Reach people quickly, efficiently and securely, ensuring important messages and conversations are received and acknowledged when time is of the essence. Mutare Text is a single-source solution that addresses the multiple communication needs of a mobile society on information overload, assuring that your important messages rise above the noise.

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COVID-19 is Demanding a Greater Focus on Remote Communications

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, businesses of all sizes are being thrust into an escalating and
complex challenge of communicating with employees, business partners and customers. Most organizations have
programs in place for emergency preparedness and disaster recovery situations, but the sheer scale and micro timeline we
are experiencing with COVID-19 is not a scenario many were ready for.

Get to Know the Text In-Need Bundle

Multi-Channel Mass Notification

Take charge in a crisis. Quickly send critical alerts and updates to targeted groups via email, IM, SMS, phone calls, RSS feed and social media. Includes two-way message acknowledgment assuring your messages reach their intended recipients.


  • Real-time tracking of delivery progress and receipts
  • Built-in quick launch for one-touch broadcast
  • Flexible administrative interface
  • Scalable to fit the needs of any organization
  • Initiate broadcasts from PC or mobile device
Multi-channel delivery of time-sensitive alerts through email, IM, SMS, phone calls, social media and RSS feed.

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Enhanced Outreach Capabilities

Simple system for customer and patient outreach via phone, email, SMS/MMS, interactive web forms and interactive smartphone apps.


  • Appointment reminders
  • Post-appointment follow-up instructions
  • Include links, Outlook calendar invites, Google maps and more
  • Wellness check-ins 
  • Medication reminders
Provide reminders, surveys and other communications through voice
messaging, email, SMS, interactive web forms and interactive smartphone apps

Keeping Family Informed

Medical emergencies can separate patients from family and others involved in their care. Using Mutare Text automated status update capabilities, care providers can provide continual assurance to family members on their loved-one’s well-being while reducing staff interruptions.


  • Surgery Centers
  • Extended Care Centers
  • Pediatric/Neonatal ICU
  • Quarantined Facilities
Lower the anxiety of the family and extended care team by keeping them in the loop on
progress, events and next steps.

Text-Enable Any Business Line

Mutare Text enables individuals or teams within the organization to interact with customers/clients/patients/constituents in two-way text conversations through a web-based interface or mobile client without exposing their personal phone numbers. Agent can pivot conversation to encrypted secure mode when health, financial, or other sensitive information is involved.


  • Can be applied to an employee’s direct line or text-only line
  • Web portal for simple administration of agent assignments and numbers
  • Full audit trail for reporting, compliance and analysis
  • Engage in multiple conversations from a single interface
  • Mobile app facilitates conversations on the go
Supports SMS, MMS, and Secure two-way text conversations from PC or Mobile app.

Secure, Closed-Loop Collaboration for Critical Communications

Mutare Text provides a secure, two-way communication system designed for sharing information between team members, particularly in regulated environments dealing with critical or protected information (healthcare, financial etc.).


  • Fully-encrypted two-way messaging
  • Meets HIPAA standards
  • Safely share audio, video, images
  • Pager replacement
  • Avoids regulatory exposure of SMS texting
  • Full audit trail saved for reporting and compliance

Supports secure collaborative mobile messaging when time is critical and information is protected.

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