Frank Dennis
Frank Dennis
Regional Vice President

Frank Dennis was born and raised an “Army Brat.”  Enjoying the life of living on post he moved constantly having attended more than 10 separate schools in two countries and seven states prior to graduating high school and college.  Unfortunately for others at Mutare, this is why he can’t sit still in meetings!  The need to keep moving was ingrained at an early age with a desire to explore. So naturally, you’ll find him on the road most of the time working with our partners and clients.

Frank brings more than 20 years sales and sales leadership experience to his role as Regional Vice President – South Region at Mutare.  With a broad background in sales he’s worked within multiple industries providing MRO supplies, SaaS and collaboration solutions.  He has in-depth experience in providing communication enhancement strategies to organizations looking to improve client engagement.  In his position at Mutare, he works closely with his team in identifying and solving customer communication challenges to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and reallocate resources while enhancing the client experience.    
What brought him to Mutare?  Ask him and he’ll tell you simply…”the people.”  He believes that the true satisfaction in one’s work life comes from those you interact with on a daily basis.  “Mutare’s culture is one-of-a kind staffed with people who truly care about each other and our clients.”

Frank received his BS from Troy University.  He currently resides in Mobile, AL with his wife of 23 years and their three daughters.