Introducing Mutare Voice Traffic Filter:

New Name, Greater Insights, Stronger Protection

January 12th | 1 PM ET

Introducing Mutare Voice Traffic Filter

Enterprise voice network protection just took a giant evolutionary step forward with the announcement of Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter. Combining the capabilities of its former break-through Voice Spam Filter solution with a broad spectrum of new and powerful analytics and detection technologies, Voice Traffic Filter creates a near-impenetrable firewall of protection at the network edge to deflect, delete, and vaporize unwanted calls in all of its forms.

In this webinar, you will learn about the new and improved Voice Traffic Filter. We will walk you through the latest features as well as our newly enhanced Voice Traffic Assessments. These Assessments have been recrafted to provide greater visibility and insight into the traffic flowing through your voice network and the level of negative impact resulting from unwanted calls.

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Wednesday, January 12,
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET



VTF 5 Layers of Protection

  1. STIR / SHAKEN Filter
  2. Proprietary Dynamic DB Filter
  3. Spoof Radar Filter
  4. Voice CAPTCHA Verification
  5. Custom Rules Filter

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