David Porwancher is a lifetime Chicago sports fan with a passion for the Cubs and he claims he has never feared the goat. On the rare occasion when a critically important game is not on TV, David enjoys 100-degree humid Chicago days and black coffee.

In his role as CFO at Mutare, which he has held for over a decade, David provides broad financial leadership in helping to shape overall business strategy and direction. He also serves as a change catalyst, instilling a financial approach and mindset throughout the organization to help other parts of the business perform better.

David is an adept financial leader with profound talent for managing growth and developing cost-cutting process improvements to optimize efficiency and deliver bottom line results, and he oversees all aspects of Mutare financial operations, including accounting, financial reporting, cost-benefit analysis and financial relationships. David is accustomed to complex and fast-paced business environments, and has many years of experience in various industries, including technology, plastics, steel and automotive, all of which he leverages to help scale growth at Mutare.

In his free time, David enjoys spending time with family, watching sports (especially baseball and hockey), following current events and dabbling in the stock market. He tries his best to avoid giving any of his bad stock picks to friends. He is also a fan of classic country music, often listening to artists such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Alabama.

David received his MBA from the Keller School of Management, DeVry University. He is a lifelong resident of Chicago, where he lives with his wife Sharon, and has two children, Scott and Michelle.