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Now, we would like to introduce you to Empower, the official moniker of our ever evolving Channel Partner Program.

A Partner Enablement Program designed to be customized and aligned for each and every partner.

Program Features



We are constantly evolving the Empower Program. If you need something that will help your team move the needle, just ask!


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Your Channel Team is here to help…

As you develop this opportunity, the Channel Team is here to support you. If you need something that will help your team move the needle, just ask!

Vicki Sidor

Vice President, Channel Development

Mobile: 859.979.1339

Call or Text: 847.496.9038

Email: vsidor@mutare.com

Schuyler Jackson

Channel Solutions Architect

Mobile: 312.498.3080

Call or Text: 847.496.9057

Email: sjackson@mutare.com

Erica Lagger

Channel Account Manager

Call or Text: 630.337.2234

Email: elagger@mutare.com

Emily McCarron

Channel Account Manager

Call or Text: 850.554.1989

Email: emccarron@mutare.com

Get to Know our Program Features

Product / Solution / Service Discounts

Our Channel Partners receive discounts on all of our products, solutions and services. Based upon Partner history, engagement, activity and closed sales the Mutare Channel Team will authorize increasingly favorable discounts.

Partner Enablement

We are dedicated to helping you create new opportunities.  Our efforts focus on Sales and Technical team training, individual sales executive client mapping, virtual and live events to provide educational messaging to our partners only or to partners and their invited clients, individualized marketing support, strategic sales execution strategies and subject matter experts for each client interaction.

Partner Incentives

Our current incentive program aligns with our most exciting sales opportunity.  By discussing the Mutare Spam Filter with your customers, you have the opportunity to drive even further added value.  Submit a Voice Traffic Analysis (VTA) for your clients and allow us to show our thanks via the choices included in this guide.  Your client gets to understand their current voice environment and you get some cool rewards!

Education & Training 

Sales – each sales team and each sales region – offered minimally a quarterly sales training.  Includes product, sales questions, industry specific user stories and sales enablement opportunities.  These sessions offered at the Leadership level as well as the team level.

Engineering & Project Management

We have a team of dedicated Solution Architect resources specific to supporting our channel partners.  We look for multiple opportunities to provide relevant training to these groups that includes:  product reviews, technical client profiles, roadmap items and recent product updates / enhancements.

Customer Webinars

Team-up with Mutare to provide informative, educational, engaging online events to your customers and prospects.


We have a broad range of marketing ideas, activities and assets for you to leverage in your go to market, awareness and demand generation efforts. While we have some great stuff available today, our Program is constantly evolving, so keep in touch with us and let us know how we can help.

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