Executive Report

Voice Network Threat Survey 2022

The Voice Network Threat Survey reveals serious shortcomings in enterprise security protections against voice network attacks.

This Report is intended to shine a light on one of the most universal infrastructure systems, the Voice Network, and how the great majority of technology and security professionals are not considering the voice network as a pathway for cybercriminals.

At two recent high-profile technology industry conferences, RSA and Cisco Live, Mutare conducted a survey of event attendees, presenters and vendors to understand the market’s awareness of:

  • Voice Network Traffic as a Threat Vector
  • The specific Tactics used by Cybercriminals
  • The Impact these Tactics are having on Enterprises
  • How/If Enterprises are Protecting themselves from this Threat

In a nutshell, the Voice Network Threat Survey clarifies the lack of knowledge, insight and awareness of this real cyber threat. So, in addition to presenting the Survey findings in this Report, we are including some additional content and materials to help educate and explain the problem. 

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Framing the Issue:  Industry Metrics


AVG Unwanted Voice Traffic in Enterprise Networks

– Index of Unwanted Voice Traffic, Mutare


Average Vishing Attack Success Rate

– How to Attack Yourself Better in 2021, Group IB


Fraud Losses Due to Voice Channel

– 2020 Press Release, Federal Trade Commision (FTC)


Percent of US Organizations Faced with Vishing Attacks 

– 2022 State of the Phish, proofpoint