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Hamisi Amani-Dove loves competition and the challenge it presents to always play at the top of his game. A natural athlete and member of the 1996 Summer Olympics U.S. Men’s Soccer team, he traveled the world as a professional soccer player. Once retired from the sport, he turned that same winning drive to advance his business career, where he discovered a specific interest in, and talent for, business development and interpersonal sales engagement. His path has taken him into the field of enterprise security where he found Mutare, a company that not only satisfies his desire to be on a winning team, but also one that challenges his insatiable curiosity and drive to excel. Hamisi lives in Maryland with his two equally athletic children and their menagerie of pets including a chameleon named Kiwi and two scorpions named Cairo and Egypt.

Fun Facts

Favorite Sport

Soccer, of course

Favorite Movie

The whole Jason Bourne series

Favorite Book

The Alchemist
Paul Coelho

Favorite Food

The perfect chocolate chip cookie


Following 10 years as a professional soccer player, Hamisi launched his “second career” in business development where he honed his specific expertise in services and technologies related to enterprise security, both physical and cyber. His experiences include active shooter and workplace violence prevention trainings, executive protection, physical vulnerability assessments, global security operations center support, and managed cybersecurity services (SaaS). Prior to joining Mutare in 2022, he served as Senior Account Executive for Cyderes, an SaaS provider focused on cybersecurity protection for large enterprises worldwide.


Hamisi graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Sociology.