Hospital Robocall Protection Group (HRPG)

Working Group Members Discuss Hospital Robocall Protection Group Best Practices

Recorded Session Available from May 20, 2021 Event

Webinar Description

This webinar discusses the FCC’s Hospital Robocall Protection Group’s (HRPG) best practices for how to protect U.S. hospitals from robocall fraud and recommendations on how to engage with law enforcement on the issue. Members of the HRPG Working Group and authors of the Best Practices Report, John Riggi and Rebekah Johnson, join together in this one-hour session to discuss the key takeaways that hospitals can put into action right now to protect their organizations.


1. HRPG background and purpose
2. Challenges in the healthcare space today
3. Recommendations on how hospitals can best protect themselves
4. How to engage with law enforcement to report fraudulent calling activity


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John Riggi
Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk, American Hospital Association HRPG Chair Working Group 2: Addressing recommendations on how hospitals can protect themselves from unlawful robocalls.

John Riggi, having spent nearly 30 years as a highly decorated veteran of the FBI, serves as the first senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk for the American Hospital Association and their 5000+ member hospitals. John leverages his distinctive experience at the FBI and CIA in the investigation and disruption of cyber threats, international organized crime and terrorist organizations to assist on policy and advocacy issues and provide trusted advisory services for the nations’ hospitals and health systems. His trusted access to hospital leadership and government agencies enhances John’s national perspective and ability to provide uniquely informed risk advisory services.


Rebekah Johnson
Founder & CEO, Numeracle
HRPG Member

Rebekah Johnson is the industry’s leading expert in protecting critical omnichannel communications and preventing bad actor fraud through Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ platform. With over ten years of regulatory government and compliance experience, businesses have leaned on Rebekah’s expertise to guide them through the evolving complexities of maintaining successful call delivery and positive brand reputation in a changing ecosystem. Rebekah is an active member of the FCC HRPG, Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition, and member of the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force, co-author of the SHAKEN standards. Prior to founding Numeracle, Rebekah served on the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force on behalf of the Empowering Consumer Choice Working Group.

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