Industry First Voice Security Best Practices Now Available to Address New and Escalating Cybersecurity Threat Vector


Chicago, IL – February 28, 2024 – Mutare, Inc. (Mutare), a leading innovator of enterprise solutions for Voice Threat Defenseannounced today the release of a new set of comprehensive best practices to guide and direct organizations across the globe in response to the challenges posed by the growing cacophony of voice-centric cyber-attacks.  The Foundational Best Practices for Voice Cybersecurity includes guidance and direction for adding Voice Security into existing cybersecurity and risk management strategies, policies, and practices.

Voice is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity threat vectors, but organizations have been disastrously slow to react, leaving a gap in the Attack Surface.  The Foundational Best Practices for Voice Cybersecurity provides direction for enterprise-class organizations to better understand:

  • The emergence of Voice as a powerful threat vector;
  • The Foundational Best Practices for incorporating Voice into an Enterprise Risk Management Strategy;
  • Guidance to “reasonably” protect and defend the organization’s people, processes, data, infrastructure, customers and partners.

Vishing, social engineering, GenAI, spoof calls, voice spam storms and robocalls are some of the more well-known voice-centric attack types plaguing organizations of all sizes and in every industry sector. The Foundational Best Practices for Voice Cybersecurity provides comprehensive guidelines that organizations can follow to adequately defend and protect against these, and other, ever-evolving cyber threats targeting the voice channel.

The Foundational Best Practices for Voice Cybersecurity has been structured for an enterprise-wide approach, where disparate operating units (Information Technology, Security & Risk Management, and Contact Center) come together for an aligned and integrated defense. Included are sixteen practical best practices to help organizations reduce their organizational risk, protect their people, physical assets, and digital assets.

Evolving regulatory and legal precedents have highlighted the importance of having measures in place to protect and defend the voice channel. While governments are working to rapidly enact new regulations, the legal system may hold the most significant pulpit, answering to a growing tide of cyber-breach class action lawsuits based on whether an organization has appropriated “reasonable” cybersecurity measures to protect customer data. Most organizations have little or no protections in place for the voice channel, and voice is rarely included in cybersecurity and risk management programs, policies and security infrastructure.

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