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In recent months, I’ve spoken with Mutare employees, partners, customers and consultants about Mutare’s brand and why it’s important for sales and marketing strategy in today’s B2B marketplace. Having a clear and focused brand identity that conveys your unique value proposition means that others understand who you are to the core, and how you can help them solve problems. Brand is more than a logo or a tagline. It’s the unique DNA of your company - that special “magic” that other people recognize and remember.

When I stepped into my first meeting with Mutare, I knew the company was special. I was working for a global technology company and Mutare was a channel partner. The passion coming from the Mutare sale team and engineers was profound. I walked away knowing that Mutare was a progressive company with a long-standing history of exceptional technology innovation and customer support. As a channel partner, I immediately felt like “part of the family”.

When I later joined Mutare as VP of Marketing, it was important to me that marketing strategy include our channel partners as “part of the family.” We needed to help our partners understand how to leverage the Mutare brand to build their business portfolio. For Mutare, a brand identity that extends to and through our channel partners is critical to long-term growth strategies.
Mutare recently refreshed its brand identity and brand elements to more closely align with our DNA. As part of the refresh, we gathered feedback from our channel partners to understand how we can better work together and grow our respective brands. This discovery process produced lively discussions and valuable information that I can summarize in a few main points:

Articulate Value

Mutare partners with companies where a business relationship is mutually beneficial. This means that for our part, we must clearly articulate to our partners how our brand, and our solutions, add value to their offerings. As partners, we must also clearly understand the joint value we bring to customers and how to leverage that value as a key differentiator in the market.

Marketing Support

Partners want resources that will help them communicate the value of Mutare solutions to customers, whether they are SMB or enterprise, and no matter the industry. Mutare fast-tracks the process through well-orchestrated joint marketing campaigns, sales collateral and other marketing tools that help our channel partners gain access to markets, generate leads and close deals.

Channel Enablement and Support

Partners are thirsty for knowledge and support. Part of Mutare’s DNA is that we are easy to work with. Mutare’s flexibility, reliability, expertise and awesome people make it easy for channel partners to do business with us. We provide product and sales training so that our channel partners are fully prepared to go-to-market. Once a purchase is made, Mutare provides 24/7 customer support and channel partners reap the benefits of increased customer satisfaction.

Rewards and Incentives

We reward loyal channel partners who increase sales of Mutare solutions with some of the highest margins in the industry and programs that incentivize activities that drive sales to close.

At Mutare, we focus on how our solutions complement, enhance and integrate with other platforms and technologies in ways that can help us, and our partners, grow their business. We understand that the value we provide to customers is greater when we work together with our channel partners. The more we invest in each other, the greater the opportunities will be for success.
Although we refreshed our brand, the core of who we are has never changed. We remain an agile company with forward-thinking, reliable and passionate people focused on creating new technologies that ensure you always get the message. We are committed to building relationships with our channel partners that result in increased revenue.

Our refreshed brand, decades of success in digital transformation and our strong channel focus should instill a lot of confidence in our partners for a future with Mutare.