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At Mutare, our developer and technology experts are constantly looking for new ways to solve the most complex business communications challenges. Our experts actively collaborate with customers, business partners and other members of the Mutare community to build solutions, test new technologies, and inspire breakthroughs.

Mutare Labs is a place where we combine our expertise in messaging with new technologies and workflows to create high-value solutions that deliver feature-rich communications functionality and insights.

By working with Mutare Labs, you get early access to new technologies and applications and benefit from best practices, white papers and other knowledge resources.

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Mutare Insights

Mutare Insights is an all-inclusive speech analytics application that allows clients to visualize their audio using state-of-the-art speech recognition and text analytics. It automatically transcribes audio into searchable text, then organizes and archives this data to be accessed through an intuitive web interface. All of your audio data is stored in a database where it can be searched and analyzed for compliance, customer insights, and agent performance to improve your customer experience.

Mutare Insights enables you to extract 360° customer insights about everything from root cause of customer complaints to customer loyalty.

Mutare Voice™ Spam Filter

Spam calls waste time and cost money. Dialing into voicemail (1 minute) and listening to a spam message (1 minute), managing the message to turn off the message waiting light and hanging up is two minutes of direct cost. The indirect cost is 23 minutes in productivity plus the 2 minutes you just wasted dealing with the 1980s workflow.

Don’t worry! We’ve developed a solution to help – Mutare Voice™ Spam Filter. Listen to a recent podcast by Telecom Reseller featuring the spam filter.

We give you time back so you can do your job better, and have more time to do things you love. 

Developer API

Integrate, Extend and Build Apps with Mutare giSTT API.

With Mutare’s giSTT API, developers can bring the power of automated speech to text transcription to any business operation. The API allows you to build a functional application or integration quickly and easily, creating unique experiences for your organization.

Contact Us and a Mutare representative will help facilitate your API key creation for quick and seamless access to one of the most accurate, easy to integrate, enterprise and carrier-grade speech transcription engines available today.

We reserve the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time – notification of changes will be sent to developers via email.