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At Mutare, our developer and technology experts are constantly looking for new ways to solve the most complex business communications challenges. Our experts actively collaborate with customers, business partners and other members of the Mutare community to build solutions, test new technologies, and inspire breakthroughs.

Mutare Labs is a place where we combine our expertise in messaging with new technologies and workflows to create high-value solutions that deliver feature-rich communications functionality and insights.

By working with Mutare Labs, you get early access to new technologies and applications and benefit from best practices, white papers and other knowledge resources.

What’s New!

This is what we’re working on right now.

Word Spotting with Action

This application transcribes voice messages to text and looks for specific keywords or phrases within the message which, when spotted, triggers a specific action for message handling. Through a web portal, administrators can select which phone numbers or extensions to monitor, create keyword lists and determine the trigger action. Word spotting with action integrates natively with the Mutare Voice call completion solution but will work with any voice system that supports voicemail to email.

Digital Assistant Integration

Mutare is adding a built-in digital assistant support to its Mutare Voice application, allowing users to access their voice messages and change their announcements through digital assistant voice command. Currently supported digital assistants include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri.

Voice Message Data Mining

This application monitors voice messages for specified numbers or extensions within the organization and applies speech analytics to identify both trending key words overall as well as frequency of enterprise-generated keywords. A dynamic visual display helps administrators recognize patterns in call types and caller intent to better align response resources to caller needs. This data mining application is useful to spot emerging trends or issues, enabling organizations to react quickly, especially in changing or dynamic circumstances.

Neighbor Spoof Detection

Mutare’s powerful Mutare Voice Spam Filter will soon detect “neighbor spoofed” spam calls seeming from your local area code and exchange. The filter monitors all incoming calls to the enterprise for specific call patterns. Spikes in calls with similar area codes and exchanges often indicate a “spam storm” robocall spoofing attack is underway. Through a web interface, administrators set the rules for how the voice system handles calls that trigger a suspected robocall surge (i.e. drop, allow through, or send directly to voicemail). When paired with Mutare Voice Spam Filter CAPTCHA capabilities, suspect calls may also be directed to the CAPTCHA to filter live callers from robocalls.


As part of Mutare’s “do no harm” philosophy, The Mutare Voice Spam Filter will include a voice CAPTCHA to work hand-in-hand with Neighborhood Spoofing Detection as an added safeguard against the potential blocking of live callers who fit the pattern of a spoof caller. When enabled, Voice CAPTCHA applies a randomized action request to be carried out by the caller before letting the call through, such as dialing a short sequence of numbers. Live callers will be able to follow the directions, but machine-generated robocalls will not. The Voice CAPTCHA can be applied to all calls or triggered by a specifics rules set.

Developer API!

Integrate, Extend and Build Apps with Mutare giSTT API.

With Mutare’s giSTT API, developers can bring the power of automated speech to text transcription to any business operation. The API allows you to build a functional application or integration quickly and easily, creating unique experiences for your organization.

Contact Us and a Mutare representative will help facilitate your API key creation for quick and seamless access to one of the most accurate, easy to integrate, enterprise and carrier-grade speech transcription engines available today.

We reserve the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time – notification of changes will be sent to developers via email.