Protecting the Voice Channel

cybersecurity against
voice-based attacks


Please join us for an important Cybersecurity Webinar, where Mutare’s Director of Product Development, Brian McDonald, will present a LIVE DEMO of our award-winning solution to protect and defend the voice channel against voice-based attacks…Voice Traffic Filter.

It is time for organizations to pay attention to the Voice Channel as a mission-critical threat vector.

Voice-based cyberattacks have reached a tipping-point.

Not convinced?

Successful cyberattacks at MGM and Caesars are both an example and cautionary tale. Learn more on the MGM & Caesars cyberattacks and other recent security incidents.

The great majority of organizations do not include Voice in their cybersecurity strategies, programs, or technical infrastructure. The result: an open doorway providing bad actors with 24 x 7 x 365 access into the organization, and its people (the weakest link in every cybersecurity program).

In this 30-minute LIVE DEMO, you will see how the Voice Traffic Filter eliminates voice-based attacks by eliminating nefarious and nuisance calls, including Vishing, Social Engineering, Spoofed Calls, Spam Calls, Voice Spam Storms, and Robocalls at the network edge.

Mr. McDonald will walk you through the Voice Traffic Filter’s industry leading 5-Layered architecture which provides both robust protection and a do-no-harm mandate.

This session will conclude with an open Q & A with audience members.


Friday, November 3, 2023
11:00-11:30 AM ET




  1. Solution Overview
  2. Live Demo
  3. Q & A

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