Mutare Adds Business Development Executive to Leadership Team

Chuck French, former Chief Strategy Officer for Uniphy Health, has joined Mutare in the position of Chief Growth Officer. In this role Mr. French will apply his extensive experience in new business creation, development, product design and strategic planning to advance Mutare’s market position and reputation for superior enterprise communications solutions and support.

Over his 25-year career, French has consistently applied his business-building entrepreneurial skills to benefit a wide range of institutions including non-profits, regulated organizations and major corporations. As co-founder and CEO for Uniphy Health, French built and then led that business through a merger to establish it as a nationally-recognized leader in HIPAA-compliant secure communications. Earlier in his career, French led institutional sales and marketing for Stratford Advisory Group (now Pavilion Financial) and, in a separate entrepreneurial venture, designed and marketed new products for the banking industry.

Of Mutare, French notes, “This is a world-class company with great products, incredible people, and a culture that other firms should envy. Given the depth of talent I see and the momentum Mutare has built over more than 30 years in business, it clearly has a bright future. My goal is to help define the pathway to that significantly higher level of market awareness and then provide the focus we need to achieve that goal.” In the short term, French says, he will be concentrating on bringing additional new talent into the company that aligns with the current culture and vision that is Mutare’s strength, developing new initiatives to bring increased exposure to Mutare’s innovative solutions, and facilitating enhanced, wider-reaching relationships with both customer and partner-reseller communities.

Says Ben Crown, Mutare President, “We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Chuck’s talent and background join our team, particularly at this critical juncture following the launch of several key new applications, Smart Assist by Mutare and Enterprise Text. Building trusted relationships with new and current business partners while bringing expanded market awareness about Mutare and our unique offerings to the general market is key to our continued growth, and we have only touched the surface of that potential. 2018 looks to be a break-out year for our company, but even more so with the addition of Chuck’s leadership, energy and vision.”

You can contact Chuck French at or call 847.496.9006.

About Mutare

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