Mutare Featured in Contact Center Pipeline – Combatting the Invisible Enemy

May 2023

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Nuisance and nefarious calls are targeting agents and killing KPIs.

Robocalls, voice spam, phone fraud, spoofers, and vishers (voice phishers) are inflicting significant damage on businesses through lost productivity, degraded customer experience (CX), missed sales opportunities, and cybersecurity threats.

While consumers have learned to simply ignore calls from unknown sources – a practice even the FCC advises – it is not a viable option for customer-facing organizations that depend on voice communications as a core service offering.

…wasteful, distracting, fraudulent, and outright malicious calls are more than just an annoyance.

This is particularly true for the omnichannel contact center. While digital chat is a great option for simple support queries, the phone is still the preferred vehicle for customers dealing with more complex or sensitive issues. Those customers have a deep desire to be listened to and understood, and two-way conversations are often the most expedient paths to problem resolution.

In short, there is simply no substitute for the human-to-human connection that is possible through the phone. And optimizing the efficiency of your voice channel is among the most positive steps you can take to meet KPI goals.

That is why wasteful, distracting, fraudulent, and outright malicious calls are more than just an annoyance. They are jeopardizing not only the overall quality of your service delivery but the security of your people and the organizations they represent.

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