Mutare Joins the Cloud Communications Alliance as Carrier Services Gain Momentum


Chicago, IL – July 20, 2021 – Mutare, Inc. (Mutare), a leading innovator in enterprise communications, has joined the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) to help drive expansion for the company’s growing Carrier business unit.  CCA is a peer association dedicated to furthering the growth, availability and adoption of cloud communications.  As a CCA Member, Mutare will collaborate with industry leaders and innovators dedicated to moving the industry forward by supporting and educating businesses on the best ways to build, sell, and scale their enterprise communications systems.

“The Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) is proud to have Mutare join the CCA family,” said Joe Marion, President of the CCA.  Marion stated, “The CCA is committed to reducing and eliminating spoofing and robocalls as is Mutare.  Their solutions go a long way in increasing the value of voice and text communications and while providing significant improvement in overall network performance for hosting service providers.” 

For over a decade Mutare has provided Carriers a premium, private label speech to text for voicemail transcription solution, and currently has more than fifty Service Provider partners.  Within the last eighteen months, however, Mutare has elevated their commitment to the Carrier market which began with a strategic focus that extends throughout the organization including development, operations, support, sales and marketing.  Joining CCA will improve Mutare’s reach into the Carrier community for improved insight and connection.

“We see a significant opportunity in the Carrier market, and CCA is an incredibly powerful ally,” says Aaron Klein, Carrier Account Director at Mutare.  “Our solutions have a strong reputation in the enterprise technology space, and now it is time to bring more of our incredible solutions to Carrier.”

Mutare’s Carrier Strategy has two core elements, increasing integration flexibility, scalability and simplicity through a focused API development effort, and bringing their hottest enterprise solution, Mutare Voice Spam Filter to the service provider community. 

Mutare’s market expansion via APIs has gained solid traction, and today the company’s solutions work with a wide range of voice platforms notably, Cisco Broadworks, Metaswitch and Netsapiens.

As voice communications are experiencing a growing issue in the form of robocalls, spoof calls and vishing, carriers are under increased pressure to provide a solution.  This pressure has resulted in Mutare escalating the priority of developing a carrier version of the Mutare Voice Spam Filter.  This unique solution stops unwanted voice traffic (robocalls, spoof calls and vishing) at the network edge.  Moreover, with a state-of-the-art user interface, each client has the power to filter in or filter out specific calls or voice traffic.  Receiving rave reviews with enterprise clients, the Mutare Voice Spam Filter for Service Providers is targeted for early 2022.

“The Cloud Communications Alliance is the gold standard for getting to know the innovative companies and people in the Carrier community,” says Klein.  We are looking forward to becoming an engaged member of this exceptional group.”


About Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA)

The CCA is a global not for profit peer organization comprised of industry leading companies focused on hosted communications services. We are dedicated to fostering the growth and value of hosted communications and collaboration services for our members, our customers and the industry. Our members include companies that provide communications services as well as companies that manufacture and provide products and services to Services Providers. Our members service millions of business customers who use hosted communications services, making our Alliance a very significant part of our Industry.


About Mutare

For three decades, Mutare has been empowering organizations to re-imagine a better way to connect. Today, through our transformative digital voice and text messaging solutions, we make communications with colleagues, customers and prospects simple, secure and effective. And that means more time and less stress for your employees, a more positive experience for your customers, and improved bottom line results for your organization.  Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced people who care about transforming business communications and improving the lives of others.  Ultimately, we are dedicated to make a difference for all our stakeholders – team members, customers, partners and communities. We are changemakers.



Chuck French

Chief Growth Officer