Mutare, Inc. Best-In-Class Voicemail Transcription Now Automated and Available for Cisco BroadWorks via Award-Winning odin API from Park Bench Solutions


Chicago, IL – November 18, 2020 – Mutare Inc. best-in-class voicemail transcription is now available to Cisco BroadWorks service providers, fully automated via the odin API from Park Bench Solutions. With Mutare’s voicemail transcription, Cisco BroadWorks users experience improved productivity, efficiency and mobility as voicemail is no longer trapped in a silo, and part of a fully integrated collaboration experience.

Cisco BroadWorks is the world’s leading cloud business communication platform. It supports over 26 million business users worldwide, in enterprises ranging in size from micro business to multinational corporations. To access voicemail, users must manually access their voice mailbox, which is inefficient, time consuming and has a negative impact on customer satisfaction. In an effort to enable a more integrated and responsive unified communications experience, Mutare has teamed up with Park Bench to provide automated voicemail transcription services by leveraging their award-winning odin Platform and API. Through the odin Platform integration, service providers and customers can automate adding voicemail transcription services for their Cisco BroadWorks users without having to swivel-chair between platforms, and without developing and maintaining any complex programming. Developers and administrators no longer need to spend inordinate amounts of time developing and testing solutions or managing multiple interfaces just to integrate Cisco BroadWorks with Mutare. With the power of the odin API, all the heavy lifting is already done.

“Our customers and partners no longer need senior developers with a ‘PhD in BroadWorks’ to develop deeply integrated, value-added solutions to automate provisioning or to make the phone system the record of truth for billing or other systems,” says James L. Lee, Managing Partner at Park Bench. “An investment in the odin Platform more than pays for itself and provides significant returns by boosting productivity, customer satisfaction and bottom-line profits.  Use of the odin Platform and API also accelerates innovation, time to market and first revenue for both our clients and integration partners, like Mutare.”

Voicemail Transcription turns the spoken word into text-based content. Mutare’s best-in-class solution invokes the industry’s most advanced natural language translation engine to turn your voicemail into written messages that are easy to read, efficiently stored, and are fully searchable.

“The new integration between our two companies allows a Cisco BroadWorks based Service Provider the ability to add the Mutare voicemail transcription feature without ever accessing the Mutare Admin Portal,” says Aaron Klein, Carrier Account Director at Mutare.


About Mutare

For three decades, Mutare has been empowering organizations to re-imagine a better way to connect. Today, through our transformative digital voice and text messaging solutions, we make communications with colleagues, customers and prospects simple, secure and effective. And that means more time and less stress for your employees, a more positive experience for your customers, and improved bottom line results for your organization.  Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced people who care about transforming business communications and improving the lives of others. Ultimately, we are dedicated to make a difference for all our stakeholders – team members, customers, partners and communities. We are changemakers.


About Park Bench Solutions

Park Bench Solutions (and their odin Platform) is the world’s leading profit optimization platform for Cisco BroadWorks that offers Service Providers a simple way to modernize and brand unlimited end-user and reseller experiences, provide full configuration backups and point-in-time recoverability, automated migrations, and a powerful automation suite for auto-provisioning and integrating any third-party applications with Cisco BroadWorks in days, not months or years, via their powerful, award-winning odin API, Webhooks and Callbacks. Park Bench was recently awarded the unprecedented “Triple Crown” by CIO Applications, earning the Top API Solution Provider award for three years in a row.



Chuck French

Chief Growth Officer