Mutare Webinar Series – Defend against Robocalls and Voice Spam with Mutare Voice Spam Filter 

Although companies have created apps to help reduce unwanted calls to mobile devices, businesses are still inundated with annoying, malicious, costly and time-consuming interruptions.

Voice spam including robocalls, abusive callers, scam calls, and annoying sales calls cause employee frustration, lost productivity, and damage your bottom line. There were over 26 billion robocalls placed in the US just last year, and the FCC has estimated that 50% of all calls made in 2019 are robocalls. Robocalls are a form of “digital disruption” directly impacting business productivity for anyone with a business line. The University of California – Irvine shows digital distraction costs on average 23 minutes in productivity.

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter dramatically reduces voice spam for inbound calls, is easy to manage, and pays for itself in productivity gains almost immediately after switching it on.

Register for our complimentary webinar on Tuesday, July 9th to learn how the Mutare Voice Spam Filter stops robocalls before they reach your extension.

Learn How Mutare Voice Spam Filter:

  • Significantly reduces robocalls and spam to the enterprise
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • Helps create a secure work environment (preventing fraud, scams, etc.)
  • Improves customer experience (less wait time)

Mutare Speakers

Roger Northrop, CTO

Rich Quattrocchi, VP of Digital Transformation