New Release: Mutare Voice Traffic Filter


MAY, 2022

Notable Updates

New Advancements in Threat Detection
Enhanced Dashboard for Deeper Visibility
Targeted Actions Based on Caller Name (CNAM)

Other Updates

Custom SIP Header Column in Call History
New P-Attestation Indicator for STIR/SHAKEN Score Results
Simplified Calendar Date-Picker for Time Range View
Expanded Top Wanted/Unwanted Calls Listings

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Notable Updates

New Advancements in Threat Detection

Our 3rd Layer of Defense has a new name and enhanced capacity to detect and divert unwanted calls that bear the markings of malicious intrusions.

Previous Name: Spoof Radar

New Name: Threat Radar

Within Threat Radar are three distinct and powerful components:


    1. Volume Limiter
      Protects from network overload by limiting the number of calls concentrated over a specified period of time.
    2. Storm Detector
      Recognizes when an unusual number of calls from similar Caller IDs enters the system over a short period, signaling a potential spam storm attack.
    3. Spoof Radar
      Recognizes an unusual number of calls with Caller IDs that closely match the internal called number, indicating a potential “neighbor spoofing” event.

      New technical controls give administrators the tools to customize their preferred parameters for pattern detection (number of calls of a specific type over a concentrated period of time), the actions taken against calls that fall within those thresholds (Drop, Route, send to the Mutare Voice CAPTCHA for additional vetting), and the individual or individuals who should receive an email alert at the onset of a suspicious event.

      Threat Radar is powered by a proprietary set of machine learning and analytics processes to recognize and apply actions against specific call patterns consistent with potential nefarious activity – such as spam storms, neighbor spoofing, spike attacks and more.

      Enhanced Dashboard for Deeper Visibility

      Reflecting the Threat Radar enhancements, we have updated the Admin Dashboard.

      Enhancements to the Dashboard include a redesigned display of unwanted call detection activity that includes break-out numbers for Threat Radar by detected spike type (Volume Limiter, Storm Detector, Spoof Radar).

      Targeted Actions Based on Caller Name (CNAM)

      As with its handling of calls from specific Caller ID Numbers, Rules Manager now includes the ability to recognize and apply actions (Drop, Allow, Route or send to CAPTCHA) against calls from specific full, partial, or missing Caller ID Names (CNAM).

      The Types column on the Rules Manager page identifies the Rule as either for a Number or CNAM. CNAM Rules Activity also appears in a separate column on the Call History report page.

      Other Updates

      Custom SIP Header Column in Call History

      • The Call History report now includes a customizable column that can display an additional datapoint from the SIP header. This column will default to the “via” header. Administrators can choose their preference from Global Settings.

      Refined STIR/SHAKEN Score Results

      • STIR/SHAKEN attestation results displayed in the Call History report now include additional indicators further defining the data behind attestation score findings.

      Simplified Calendar Date-Picker

      • Dashboard includes a date-range selection tool for filtering the display using a visual calendar picker.

      Expanded Top Wanted/Unwanted Calls Listing

      • The Dashboard Top Wanted/Unwanted calls display now includes a button for opening an expanded list of most called numbers in descending order.

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