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This is a real-life Use Case of a Mutare Customer and provides a high-level summary of the scenario and business problems resolved with the Mutare Voice solution.




The Client

Texas based academic health system with 25,000 employees.

Problem Definition

This customer is in an environment with three different PBXs (Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft) and migrated entirely to Skype for Business. They encountered a loss of functionality when this transition began, due to 3rd party SBCs and removing their exchange server, specifically the “call in to retrieve messages functionality.”

They were seeking a voicemail replacement solution to restore the functionality users have become dependent upon. Their PBX voicemail applications were not able to deliver this in an agnostic capacity for all three systems. Additionally, the client had workflows still heavily dependent on message waiting lights.

The customer needed customizations of the Mutare Voice auto attendant to support an employee call in weather line, called “Ring Line.”

Key Decision Points

  1. Works with Avaya, Cisco and Skype for Business
  2. Delivers a consistent user experience across disparate PBX systems
  3. Meets all work flow needs for TUI/MWI
  4. Built in Auto Attendant

About Mutare Voice

Mutare Voice is an enterprise-class solution that reimagines business voicemail. Traditional voicemail captures call recordings and stores them in a silo, requiring users to dial-in to access their messages. Mutare Voice unleashes voicemail to enable improved communication, faster response times and more informed decisions by empowering voicemail to become an active component to your intelligent collaboration strategy. Our industry-leading unified messaging solution allows users to receive voicemail messages in real-time by mobile phone, through text and through email. Once received, messages include: a link to stream the call recording, a readable transcription of the message, detailed contact information pulled from CRM / MS Outlook, relevant contact insights and message sentiment. Ultimately, Mutare Voice elevates voicemail to be truly actionable.

Key Features

  • A Simple, Mobile Experience
  • Natural Language Transcription
  • Context via CRM & Outlook Integrations
  • Clarity Thru Unified Messaging
  • Accessible Voice Recordings
  • We Play Nice with Others
  • Administration in a Snap

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