Real-Life Use Case

Eliminate Unwanted Voice Traffic

Construction, Architecture, Engineering & Design

This is a real-life Use Case of a Mutare Customer and provides a high-level summary of the scenario and business problems resolved with the Mutare Voice Spam Filter solution.



Construction, Architecture, Engineering & Design

The Client

Established in 1915 and headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company specializes in natural resources, transportation, water, power and facility-related projects.

Problem Definition

Employees were submitting tickets to the IT department to stop robocalls from ringing their desks. The spam problem Infringed on the employees work and caused delays in production.

Key Decision Points

  1. Stop spam robocalls that were not business related
  2. Saved on monthly opex costs after blocking calls
  3. Personal spam list
  4. Control panel to set preferences for organization-wide spam handling

About Mutare Voice Spam Filter

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter guards your voice network by filtering incoming calls, allowing legitimate business calls through while blocking spam callers. Unlike some spam solutions that ring your phone and interrupt your workflow, the Voice Spam Filter is designed to divert spam calls without ever ringing your phone. Because voice calls are the life blood of business, the feature was designed to “do no harm,” stepping out of the call path in the event of a failure and never “listening” into the call medium. The filter simply looks at the call signal data ensuring call integrity and security.

Key Features

  • Robust Interactive Dashboard
  • We Play Nice with Others
  • Custom Tuning
  • Control at Your Fingertips
  • Advanced Reporting

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