Real-Life Use Case

Eliminate Unwanted Voice Traffic


This is a real-life Use Case of a Mutare Customer and provides a high-level summary of the scenario and business problems resolved with the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter solution.




The Client

Academic healthcare, education and research system including more than 100 affiliated hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities with 5,000+ health professionals serving a broad range of medical needs for their patients and educational needs for their students.

Problem Definition

IT administrators were aware that they had a significant problem with spam calls intruding on their voice network and affecting both staff and patient lines. They also recognized that a large portion of these unwanted calls (as much as 45% according to industry studies) were likely scams with malicious intent and constituted a significant risk both to possible data/regulatory breach as well as to patient safety. As a customer of Mutare’s solution for voicemail retrieval, transcription and notification, this organization again turned to Mutare to see what the company could do about their growing problem with voice spam intrusions.

Top Decision Points

  1. Enterprise-wide Spam Blocking for Staff and Patient DIDs
  2. Reduced Risk of Security Breach
  3. Addition of Voice CAPTCHA
  4. Dynamic Database with Organization-specific Allow and Blocklists
  5. Platform-agnostic Solution
  6. Improved Network Performance

Total Annual Incoming Calls


% of Annual Unwanted Calls

# of Annual Nefarious Calls

The Story

Mutare’s analysis of the organization’s incoming voice traffic revealed that more than 12% of their incoming voice traffic could be positively identified as unwanted voice spam. Not only did that represent a significant security risk, but it was also clearly undermining staff workflow and network performance. While looking to block those calls, administrators were concerned about any system that might be too aggressive in flagging a suspicious number as spam and inadvertently block what was actually a legitimate patient or physician call. Those concerns were alleviated by the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter’s voice CAPTCHA, a unique feature that adds a second layer of vetting for callers suspected as spam but not conclusively identified as such. Mutare’s solution is also platform-agnostic and so unaffected by the complexity of the organization’s mixed-platform environment.

About Mutare Voice Traffic Filter

The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF) is enterprise-class software built to provide multiple layers of protection against unwanted traffic. VTF
creates a barrier at the network edge, ensuring that malicious and nefarious traffic does not gain access to your network. Our open architecture is designed to work seamlessly with just about every unified communications platform, including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Nortel and more.

Key Features

  • STIR / SHAKEN Filter
  • Proprietary Dynamic DB Filter
  • Spoof Radar Filter
  • Voice CAPTCHA Verification
  • Custom Rules Filter
  • Inbound/Outbound Traffic Manager
  • Personal Blocklist
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Email Alerts
  • Embedded CDR Reporting (Call Detail Records)

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