Real-Life Use Case

Eliminate Unwanted Voice Traffic


This is a real-life Use Case of a Mutare Customer and provides a high-level summary of the scenario and business problems resolved with the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter solution.




The Client

Specialty chemical, fiber, and resin research and production organization with operations in 31 countries, an employee force of more than 11,000, and net worth topping $4B.

Problem Definition

A growing abundance of distracting spam and scam calls were hitting desk phones of plant supervisors, interrupting normal administrative duties, and creating significant safety concerns.

The Story

Supervision of plant operations for this enterprise is provided 24/7 through trained personnel who oversee general operations from control centers. They are tasked not only with assuring operational efficiency but also plant safety and security. However, in recent years, they have experienced a growing onslaught of spam and scam call activity ringing into their desk phones – according to the company’s network administrator, as many as 40 unwanted calls per day, some perceived as potentially nefarious, could be hitting a single line. These calls were not only disrupting normal administrative activities, but they were also taking attention away from control systems monitoring – a critical concern when dealing with volatile chemicals and the disastrous impact should a fire or spill go unnoticed. Plant leadership agreed to a Mutare Voice Traffic Assessment which revealed an unusually high percentage of unwanted calls ringing into supervisors’ desk phones. A Proof of Concept implementation of the entire Voice Traffic Filter five layers of protection confirmed that more than 14% of incoming calls were, indeed, unwanted and included malicious spam storms and other potentially nefarious intrusions. The value of Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter in terms of plant safety and employee security was easily recognized and the purchase finalized.


Total Unwanted Traffic

# of Unwanted Calls Blocked*

Nefarious Calls Diverted*

* Annualized

Key Decision Points

  1. Eliminates Threat to Plant Safety and Security
  2. Spam Storm Mitigation
  3. Voice Fraud Detection and Mitigation
  4. Improved Operational Efficiency

These considerations, combined with Mutare’s solution capabilities, uncomplicated implementation, and unrivaled customer support, made a clear case for the purchase of the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter.

About Mutare Voice Traffic Filter

The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF) is enterprise-class software built to provide multiple layers of protection against unwanted traffic. VTF creates a barrier at the network edge, ensuring that malicious and nefarious traffic does not gain access to your network. Our open architecture is designed to work seamlessly with just about every unified communications platform, including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Nortel and more.

Key Features

  • STIR / SHAKEN Filter
  • Proprietary Dynamic DB Filter
  • Spoof Radar Filter
  • Voice CAPTCHA Verification
  • Custom Rules Filter
  • Inbound/Outbound Traffic Manager
  • Personal Blocklist
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Email Alerts
  • Embedded CDR Reporting (Call Detail Records)

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