Real-Life Use Case

Eliminate Unwanted Voice Traffic


This is a real-life Use Case of a Mutare Customer and provides a high-level summary of the scenario and business problems resolved with the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter solution.




Problem Definition

As this global organization was pilot-testing the integration of voice into their Teams platform, they experienced a significant problem that could potentially derail the entire project.


CLIENT: Global Employees 48,000 / $56.2B Annual Revenue

Teams Collaboration platforms (Teams) have revolutionized how hybrid workers come together and interact across a wide array of digital channels, including chat, video, document sharing, video conferencing and voice calls. In essence, Teams acts as a fully-integrated hub to enable and energize workplace conversations and teamwork.

As this global organization was pilot-testing the integration of voice into their Teams platform, they experienced a significant problem that could potentially derail the entire project. As testing was rolled out, the users were quickly overwhelmed by unwanted phone calls, in the form of robocalls and spam calls. Prior to Teams, incoming phone calls rang standard desk phones and unwanted calls were a non-issue, as they were sent to voicemail. With Teams, every incoming call simultaneously rang all of a user’s connected devices. The test users were unable to control the chaos, as each incoming call rang their laptop/desktop, tablet, desk phone and cell phone. The result was that Teams was causing a downturn in productivity and team member communications.


The customer turned to Mutare for help in blocking unwanted voice calls with the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter.

Mutare quickly engaged and performed an assessment (Voice Traffic Analysis) of the organization’s call traffic. Based upon a month’s worth of the client’s call detail records (CDR), the size and impact of the problem was uncovered. The analysis revealed that a significant proportion of incoming calls – nearly 14% – were from spammers or robocallers. By removing these calls, the Teams issue could immediately be eradicated. The remedy came with a 239% ROI and resulted in a projected annual productivity savings of $407,015.

Inbound Calls Annualized


Percent of Unwanted Calls

Annual Unwanted Calls Blocked

Productivity Savings Annualized


Key Decision Points

  1. Optimize the Value of Teams Collaboration Platform Investment
  2. Remove Obstacles to Smooth Employee Adoption of Teams for Voice Calls
  3. Improve Integrity of Incoming Calls for Enhanced Productivity
  4. 239% ROI

These considerations, combined with the Mutare’s solution capabilities, uncomplicated implementation, and unrivaled customer support, made a clear case for the purchase of the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter.

About Mutare Voice Traffic Filter

The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF) is enterprise-class software built to provide multiple layers of protection against unwanted traffic. VTF creates a barrier at the network edge, ensuring that malicious and nefarious traffic does not gain access to your network. Our open architecture is designed to work seamlessly with just about every unified communications platform, including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Nortel and more.

Key Features

  • STIR / SHAKEN Filter
  • Proprietary Dynamic DB Filter
  • Spoof Radar Filter
  • Voice CAPTCHA Verification
  • Custom Rules Filter
  • Inbound/Outbound Traffic Manager
  • Personal Blocklist
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Email Alerts
  • Embedded CDR Reporting (Call Detail Records)

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