Roger Northrop has a passion for emerging technology and developing new ways to help us communicate better. He attributes his interests from his history of acting in theater, performing as a musician, and working in desktop publishing, photography, 3D animation and design.

Roger examines how technology effects today’s world and how Mutare can equip customers with innovative solutions to solve their most complex business challenges.

In his role as CTO, Roger is responsible for driving innovation through R&D activities in Mutare Labs, monitoring industry trends and leveraging leading-edge and emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to customers.

Roger serves as a technology ambassador and expert resource for customers and partners, and he ensures that the voice of the customer is incorporated into every stage of Mutare’s product development, continuous improvement and quality control processes. He possesses an exceptional ability to communicate complex concepts and technologies to audiences with varied backgrounds and experiences.

Roger’s education comes from years of real-world, hands-on experience. He has an entrepreneurial attitude aligned with Mutare’s “start-up” culture and is constantly focused on ensuring that the digital transformation journey is as easy as possible for customers.