SAM “Makes a Huge Difference” for Staff at National Business Institute

When asked what first drew her to Mutare’s SAM (Smart Assist by Mutare) solution, Laurie Douglas, Systems Administrator for National Business Institute, had this to say: “I was at a conference where Mutare was promoting SAM as a superior alternative to voicemail. When they said ‘No more red light on the phone staring at you’ that really caught my attention. As the Administrator for our telecommunication systems, I should be setting the example for others and, I have to admit, I was not a fan of that red light! I wanted something better for our users. Mutare demonstrated how they could deliver a whole new way to handle voice messages that is user friendly, more effective and more efficient – a system that would eliminate the red light on the phone, passwords, dialing in, listening to a long queue of messages to find the important ones – in other words, all the hassles we currently accept with our standard voicemail systems. I knew SAM was something worth pursuing.”

As the nation’s premier education and training institute for legal professionals, NBI, Inc. offers literally thousands of onsite seminars and web-based educational sessions throughout the country each year. It is Laurie’s responsibility to make sure the large and diverse NBI network of educators and trainers has the necessary tools and technology needed to uphold its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, particularly considering the high expectations of its professional clientele.

“SAM has made a huge difference for both me as a Systems Administrator and our staff,” she says. “It allows us to spend less time retrieving important voicemail messages and more time on other work.” For example, she notes, “Our employees spend a great deal of time managing calls and, as a team, often cover for a ‘buddy’ colleague when that person is out of the office. That means regularly checking the voicemail indicator light, not only on their own phone, but also on their buddy’s phone. Added to that, they need to know the extension and password of that person in order to dial in and retrieve their voicemail. Although covering for others is a necessary task, the way we were doing it was taking up time that could be better spent in other ways. SAM has solved all of that for us! With SAM, a user can very quickly change or add a back-up person to receive their voicemail messages via email or SMS texting. With the flexibility and customizations allowed with SAM, that message can include additional information in the subject line that makes it clear who the original voicemail message was intended for. It’s so simple and seamless. Not only does it eliminate the worry over missing a colleague’s voicemail messages, but also makes it easy to see which messages are important and which are not, allowing for quicker response.”

The real test of a product, says Laurie, comes from user reaction, and those comments have ranged from ‘This is genius’ to “exceeds expectations!’ “That certainly testifies to the benefits of SAM for our business.”

Working with Mutare, Laurie adds, is another bonus that comes with an investment in SAM. “Mutare is a company that believes in continuing the partnership with the customer long after the sale has been made. If I call with an issue or question I know Mutare will deliver – even if the problem turns out to be something on our end, they have the expertise to troubleshoot until it’s solved without ever pointing a finger. They make it a point to make sure we know we are important to them. I can’t begin to explain the difference that has made for me while making SAM a reality in our company. I am happy to call the support group at Mutare my friends.”

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