Mutare Security Advisory

Advisory ID MUTARE-2021-002
Severity Critical
CVE CVE-2021-27234
Published Date February 5, 2021
Revision Date February 16, 2021


SQL Injection

Affected Products/Versions

Mutare Voice (EVM), 3.0.0-3.3.7

Vulnerability Details

The Mutare Voice (EVM) web application suffers from SQL injection on several pages:

  • Adminlog.asp
  • Archivemsgs.asp
  • Deletelog.asp
  • Eventlog.asp
  • Evmlog.asp

The parameters in the pages are vulnerable to SQL injection. Both UNION and Stacked query injections are possible, allowing for full read/write access on the backed databases.


Affected pages are admin-facing and could be removed from user-facing implementations until the system could be patched.


Upgrading Mutare Voice (EVM) to release 3.3.8 fixes the vulnerability by utilizing prepared statements.



Mutare would like to thank Tesla for reporting this issue and working with Mutare to help protect our customers.