Stop Robocalls and Voice Spam in Healthcare with Mutare Voice Spam Filter

Doctors, administrators and other hospital staff are struggling with a growing deluge of robocalls and voice spam that disrupts communications, wastes hours of time and threatens to overwhelm main lines that support emergency services, calls to patient rooms and other extensions in the hospital phone system.

Mutare helps healthcare organizations eliminate the disruption of voice spam calls with the Mutare Voice Spam Filter, an easy-to-manage enterprise solution that stops harmful spam and robocalls from reaching your extensions where they can impact the efficiency of your organization and quality of patient care delivery.

Register for our complimentary webinar on Tuesday, September 17th to learn how the Mutare Voice Spam Filter: 

  • Significantly reduces robocalls and voice spam to healthcare organizations
  • Pays for itself in reduced costs and productivity gains almost immediately after switching it on
  • Helps create a secure work environment (preventing fraud, scams, etc.) 


Mutare Speakers

Chuck French, Chief Growth Officer 


Rich Quattrocchi, VP of Digital Transformation