Stop Robocalls in Law Firms with the Mutare Voice Spam Filter

Did you know that half (50%) of all calls made in 2019 will be robocalls? Although applications that help reduce unwanted calls to mobile devices are available for consumers, businesses are still inundated with annoying, malicious, costly and time-consuming interruptions.

Law firms are no exception to the onslaught of robocalls and voice spam that impact productivity around casework and reduce availability for client calls.

Mutare can help stop these calls to your law firm. The Mutare Voice Spam Filter is the first viable solution on the market today for the enterprise. Get the calls you want and filter out those you don’t!

Register for our complimentary webinar on Tuesday, October 8th to learn how the Mutare Voice Spam Filter stops robocalls before they reach your extension.

Learn how the Mutare Voice Spam Filter:

  • Reduces digital distraction so you can focus on casework and other important tasks
  • Frees up your time to work with billable clients
  • Produces a return on investment as soon as you switch it on


Mutare Speakers

Chuck French, Chief Growth Officer

Rich Quattrocchi, VP of Digital Transformation