Bring the Power & Versatility of Text Messaging to Your Enterprise

Mutare in Action (Video)

The most robust Enterprise Texting Solution in the marketplace is Mutare Text…simple to use, quick to implement and plays nice with all your enterprise collaboration solutions.

Text is the #1 Communication Method

It’s no surprise that among Americans who own a smartphone, communication by text is the #1 method of choice. That’s because a text message is fast, mobile, reliable, cost-effective and convenient. What’s more, it’s seen.

Organizations must be instantaneously responsive and highly personalized in communicating. If you’re not texting with your customers, you’re losing business.

Never Miss an Important Message Again

Mutare Text enables you to reach people quickly, efficiently and securely, ensuring important messages and conversations are received and acknowledged when time is of the essence. Mutare Text is a single-source solution that addresses the multiple communication needs of a mobile society on information overload, assuring that your important messages rise above the noise.

Mutare Text Delivers

– Critical Updates and Notices
– Increased Customer Satisfaction
– Reduced Costs
– Increased Revenue
– Regulatory Compliance
– Peace of Mind

Mutare Text is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Text is the #1 Communication Method

– Texting is the #1 communication method
– SMS messages have a 98% open rate
– 90% of SMS messages are read in 3 minutes
– 90% of branded SMS messages result in direct purchases

Mutare Text Key Features

Never Miss Important Communications Again

Mutare Text // Engage

Engage enables individuals or teams within the organization to connect with customers / patients in two-way text conversations through a web-based interface or mobile client. It can be applied to any business phone number, including an employee’s direct phone line. If the conversation includes sensitive or protected information, agents can pivot the conversation to “secure” mode without risk of privacy breaches.

  • Robust mobile application allows for conversations on the go
  • Web portal for easy administration
  • Includes an after-hours response mode
  • Personalized auto reply to text messages that come in after-hours
  • Messages can include links and images
  • Dashboard of all active personal and team conversations
  • Full audit trail of conversation for reporting, compliance and analysis

Mutare Text // Cast

Cast is mass-messaging made simple with a single-source communications solution that allows you to communicate from any device with the touch of a button. The powerful tool can be used across a variety of industries for personnel recall in the event of a patient/customer surge, emergency response and disaster recovery, public health warnings, critical outages, schedule changes, staffing for shift management, business continuity and more.

  • Multimedia broadcasting with confirmation
  • Smartphone platform for secure broadcasting

Mutare Text // Reach

Reach enables organizations to have better engagement with customers, patients, guests and visitors by automating reminders and customizing workflows for better coordination.

  • Appointment reminders, surveys, and other communications through voice messaging, email, SMS, interactive web forms and interactive smartphone apps
  • Notifications for future/timed delivery and response tracking
  • Records all activity, including number of messages sent, type of replies, and rate of delivery
  • Supports multiple workflow configurations for reminders, simple surveys, and status updates

Mutare Text // Status

Provide others with critical and timely updates about medical procedures, reservations, and events.

  • Enhance family, customer and guest experience
  • Keep individuals informed of progress and next steps
  • Reduce duplicative and time-consuming inbound calls requesting updates
  • Works with any EMR (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, NextGen, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Athena, etc.)

Mutare Text // Alert

Alert ensures that you get critical communications when time is of the essence. With fully encrypted communication, you have the power to collaborate across various channels from a single device without risk of HIPAA or other regulatory infringement.

  • Securely share photos, video, audio and file attachments
  • Guaranteed message delivery with tracking on WiFi or cellular networks
  • Multimedia messaging and integration into existing IT systems

We Can Help with Your Digital Communications Transformation

We make migrating from legacy messaging and alert systems to Mutare easy. Our experienced and responsive professional services team can help you select the right solution and implement quickly.

It’s natural to want to take any new technology for a test drive. Contact us and you will be on your way to using the best enterprise text messaging solution in the market today.