Outside of work, Tracey Powell has a passion for golf; despite much practice, he remains “the worst single digit handicapper on the planet.” The same is not true of his business endeavors where he has enjoyed a fair share of wins “on the links” of communications and technology.

Tracey is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and the founder of six companies whose emerging technologies have profoundly affected the dynamics of the marketplace. He operates at the edge of sectors in the midst of dramatic change, such as voice processing and healthcare, and focuses on ways to enhance the quality of the communications experience.

As a path-breaking, innovative thinker who introduced voice messaging to business, he also created a telemedicine platform for home testing of serious conditions, devised patient engagement solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers, and constructed a physician-patient coordination care technology to improve health outcomes.

Tracey is Founder and Chairman of Mutare, where for three decades, the company has led the development of breakthrough interactive voice and web applications that meet the demand for powerful, yet simple, enterprise communications solutions.  Tracey is well known for his commitment to enduring and mutually satisfying partnerships with employees and customers, and has helped to build a culture that creates lasting value for all stakeholders.

He founded and serves on the board of PinpointCare, whose mission is to improve healthcare, one experience at a time. Pinpoint is a market leader in the emerging value-based care arena with a current focus on managing individualized orthopaedic patient care plans.

If in Chicago, you might spot Tracey on one of the local golf courses or during inclement weather, at one of Chicago’s finest old-world restaurants, Gene and Georgetti’s, where he is a member of its “Mahogany Club”.