Trends in Voice – SPECIAL EVENT

Understanding Voice Protection in light of the Mega Breaches at MGM & Caesars

Wednesday, September 27 @ 12:00 PM CT

Join us next Wednesday, September 27 @ noon Central time for this SPECIAL WEBINAR EVENT.  

We have all been a witness to MGM’s high profile cyber incident and the following headline:

“A company valued at $33,900,000,000 was defeated by a 10-minute conversation.”

As MGM was in the midst of their crippling attack, we saw additional reporting that earlier this Summer, the largest Casino operator in the world, Caesars Entertainment was also the victim of a cyber incident which, like the MGM incident, began with a Voice-Based attack.

  • How is it possible that a simple phone call was used as the entry path for initial access?
  • What is Vishing, and what other voice-based attacks should we be aware of?
  • How do enterprise-class organizations protect and defend the voice channel?


Wednesday, September 27, 2023
12:00-12:45 PM CT




Brian McDonald | Director of Product Development | Mutare, Inc

Colin Millstone | Chief Marketing Officer | Mutare, Inc


In this SPECIAL EVENT, Mutare’s Director of Product Development, Brian McDonald and CMO, Colin Millstone will conduct a live Q & A to help audience members better understand Voice-Based Attacks and how enterprise-class organizations can protect themselves from this growing threat vector.

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