Vishing Awareness Seminar – APR 13, 2023

Event REcap

an educational seminar

Exec Summary

On April 13, 2023, the inaugural Vishing Awareness Week Capstone Seminar was held as a virtual event.

This 1/2-Day Seminar was comprised of 5 individual sessions, comprised of 2 moderator-led roundtable discussions, and 3 solution focused presentations. Sessions included:

  • Vishing 101, Understanding the Voice Threat Vector
  • Vishing 201, Voice Threat Metrics: What the Numbers Show
  • Vishing 301, Voice Protection: Security Awareness Training
  • Vishing 302, Voice Protection: Stop Robocalls & Brand Impersonation
  • Vishing 303, Voice Protection: It’s All about the Traffic
The Event was sponsored by a broad range of forward looking organizations including: National Cybersecurity Alliance, ISACA, BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, Counterintelligence Institute, bitsnbytes cybersecurity, Mutare, Nomorobo, YouMail Protective Services, XConnect, KnowBe4 and Robokiller Enterprise.
  1. 103M Robocalls in Feb 2023 on US carrier, VOIP and PTSN Networks.
  2. 75% of Robocalls are spoofed caller IDs .
  3. 77% of US organizations have faced vishing attacks.
  4. 37% of vishing attacks are successful.
  5. 45% of unwanted calls are nefarious.
  6. Business and Security Leaders must be educated about the size, scale and severity of Voice as a Threat Vector.
  7. Voice as a threat vector is growing rapidly because Voice is under defended and protected.
  8. Vishing, Robocalls, Spoofed Calls and other Telephone-Oriented Attacks can be thwarted by including the Voice Threat Vector in Enterprise Cybersecurity / Risk Strategy.
  9. Best Practices to defend and protect the Voice Channel include: 1) Policy, 2) Training, 3) Technical Controls, 4) Inclusion of Voice Telemetry for autonomous, real-time action and full visibility of their dynamic attack surface and cross-platform security analytics.

session videos

Vishing 101

Understanding the Voice Threat Vector

Vishing 201

Voice Threat Metrics: What the Numbers Show

Vishing 301

Voice Protection: Security Awareness Training


Vishing 302

Voice Threat Metrics: What the Numbers Show

Vishing 303

 It’s All about the Traffic

solutions to protect the voice channel

Our Partners have solutions available to help your organization protect and defend the Voice Threat Vector. Here is a quick list, for additional infromation please review our Partners page.

Mutare, Inc.