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Mutare Voice Empowers Voicemail with
Caller Context & Unified Messaging

Voicemail, Infused with Automated Workflow, Natural Language Transcription & CRM Integration
Unified Messaging
When you empower your enterprise voicemail, you are making a choice that communication matters, that responsiveness is a priority, that it is important to pay attention to the details in your quest to achieve transformative experiences.


a single click to access your voicemail anywhere from any device


append contact details automatically to your unified voicemail message


compliance is built-in, as your voicemails are documented and archived

Overview: Mutare Voice

Mutare Voice is an enterprise-class solution that reimagines business voicemail. Traditional voicemail captures call recordings and stores them in a silo, requiring users to dial-in to access their messages. Mutare Voice unleashes voicemail to enable improved communication, faster response times and more informed decisions by empowering voicemail to become an active component to your intelligent collaboration strategy. Our industry-leading unified messaging solution allows users to receive voicemail messages in real-time by mobile phone, through text and through email. Once received, messages include: a link to stream the call recording, a readable transcription of the message, detailed contact information pulled from CRM / MS Outlook, relevant contact insights and message sentiment. Ultimately, Mutare Voice elevates voicemail to be truly actionable.

Unified Messaging

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Business Voicemail


Voicemail, Infused with:

  • Automated Workflow
  • Natural Language Transcription
  • Advanced Analytics
  • CRM / MS Outlook Integration
business voicemail

Get to Know the Key Features

A Simple Mobile Experience

Mutare Voice is a modern business voicemail solution that simplifies your ability to access your voicemail on your mobile phone, through text and through email. Powered by our native workflow engine, we collaboratively deliver voicemail messages so that you stay engaged and can react quickly. Simplicity is our mantra, so there is no app to download or, new browser-based solution to access. Mutare Voice seamlessly integrates with your preferred email and text solutions for optimal efficiency. And remember, with Mutare, you will never again need to dial-in to get your voicemail messages.
business voicemail

All messages are in one place, easily read on your mobile device without the need to dial in to listen to a voice message again.

Natural Language Transcription

Mutare Voice invokes the industry’s most advanced natural language translation engine to turn your voice recordings into written messages. These text-based messages are easy to read, efficiently stored, and are fully searchable! With Mutare, your voicemail is transformed into a valuable business asset.
speech to text

Messages can include a transcription of the audio file with the transcription of the message.

Context via CRM & Outlook Integration

One of the most important evolutions to traditional voicemail is our power to provide context. With Mutare Voice, when you receive a voicemail, you will know the caller’s name, email address, company name and historical information, in addition to the transcribed message…and, it is all done in real-time! By leveraging modern data collection and aggregation techniques, Mutare transforms voicemail into multi-dimensional messages so that you can make better, faster decisions.
unified messaging

A sample delivery message with caller information such as the caller name, email address, company name and description.

Clarity Thru Unified Messaging

Voicemail should not be confined and isolated. Voicemail is a critical communication channel that must be part of your enterprise collaboration strategy. With Mutare Voice, voicemail is immediately available and accessible through mutliple end-points and devices, including: desktop, laptop and mobile phone. Mutare transforms your voicemail into multi-dimensional unified messaging, communicated through email and text (sms) so that you can react quickly and with confidence.

unified messaging

Delivers voice messages converted to text to mobile devices, tablets and computers. The message may not be perfect, but good enough to get the gist without listening.

Accessible Voice Recordings

With many enterprise voicemail solutions, the only way to access your message recordings is through a cumbersome dial-in with an old school menu. With Mutare Voice, voicemail recordings are easily accessible via your email or mobile device.
enterprise voicemail

Whether replacing or enhancing voicemail, users enjoy a common user interface in their digital notification channel(s) of choice.

We Play Nice with Others

Mutare Voice is designed and built to work simply and easily with just about any telephony, collaboration or unified messaging solution. Additionally, our systems are widely recognized for straightforward, clean implementation efforts. For the enterprise that still relies on traditional voicemail, Mutare Voice works with any phone system and can be deployed on premise or hosted in the cloud. Systems not limited to, but include:


  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Mitel
  • Nortel
  • And many, many, many more!
unified messaging

Administration in a Snap

The intuitive Mutare Voice interface provides users with a customized voice message management experience through a wide selection of personal settings. Administrators have full control of system configuration options, user management and permissions through the clean, visual administrator portal, which also provides a dashboard overview of system status and messaging activity. Additionally, because Mutare has clients across the globe, our menus can be recorded in any language to support callers from all over the world.

unified communications system

Intuitive User Web portal gives users control over personal announcements, out of office settings, call blocking and more.

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