Voice Security for Avaya

Avaya and Mutare have joined forces
to protect and defend the Voice Channel.

Simply add VTF to the Call Flow

Adding our Traffic Filter to your call flow is incredibly simple, and has an immediate and lasting impact.

The Solution for Voice Security

Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter

Enterprise-class software built to provide multiple layers of protection against unwanted traffic. We create a barrier at the network edge, ensuring that malicious and nefarious traffic does not gain access to your network.

Your most important communication channel has become the favorite target of cybercriminals.

Unwanted Voice Traffic is diminishing the Customer Experience, Call Initiation, Agent Productivity and overall Contact Center Performance while putting the entire organization at increased risk. It is time to understand this hidden, yet escalating problem and protect our most important communication channel, Voice.

Top 3 Contact Center Impacts of
Unwanted Calls

Inaccurate KPIs & Metrics

When an organization’s call data includes significant unwanted calls, the resulting numbers are suspect and should not be relied upon for organizational oversight and decision-making.

Diminished Customer Experience (CX)

Unwanted and illegitimate calls pull your time and attention away from the customers who need your help your help the most. From clogging up your phone queues to frustrating your agents.

Agents as Protectors of the Enterprise

Through the phone, highly-trained cyber criminals and bad actors have direct access to your people.

We remove Nuisance and Nefarious Calls

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Our Voice Traffic Filter is the most comprehensive enterprise solution on the market for removing unwanted calls. Last year, we earned several top industry awards for Communication Fraud Protection, Breach Protection, Anti-Vishing, Breach / Attack Protection and more.


FREE Voice Security Assessment

Visibility into
Your Voice Channel

The Voice Traffic Assessment (VTA) provides visibility into the traffic traversing your enterprise voice network. Each Assessment is created and customized based upon your organization’s CDR data (typically, 30-days).


FREE Proof of Concept

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The Voice Traffic Filter Proof of Concept allows you to experience the full power of the industry’s most powerful multi-layered solution for voice security.