Special Event

Voice Security in Healthcare

Understanding a Critical Threat to Patients, Care Givers
and Access to Quality Care

Wednesday, July 17th @ 1:00 PM ET

In this 30-minute webinar, experts from Mutare will discuss the state of Voice Cybersecurity in Healthcare.

Our Agenda will cover terminology and principles of Voice Security, Key Impact Zones particular to Healthcare, and ways to eliminate voice-based threats and strengthen organizational security posture.

Hospital systems and other large organizations / facilities which provide direct medical care and support to patients experience a continuous high volume of inbound calls in their voice traffic. While a consistently-high call volume does not, in itself, mean an organization is ripe for voice threats, the critical nature of health-related calls combined with a high-stress environment and duty to respond to every call makes the healthcare vertical a uniquely vulnerable flashpoint for voice-based attacks.

In our Webinar, we will distill critical information for each of the three Healthcare Key Impact Zones to further crystalize the threat landscape in Healthcare:

  1. Patient Care
  2. Patient Experience
  3. Risk Management & Security


Wednesday, July 17th
1:00 – 1:30 PM ET




Chuck French | Chief Growth Officer | Mutare

Vicki Sidor | Vice President, Sales & Channel | Mutare