Experience 30 Days
of Peace & Safety

In this 30-Day Proof of Concept, you will see, hear and feel the difference when nuisance and nefarious inbound calls have been removed from your voice network.

What is it?

The Voice Traffic Filter Proof of Concept allows you to experience the full power of the industry’s most powerful multi-layered solution for voice security.

A Consultative Experience

Our Voice Security Proof of Concept is intended to provide you with a full experience of our Voice Traffic Filter solution. Throughout the Proof of Concept, the project team will meet weekly to discuss the solution, how it is impacting your organization and how you can improve your security protection by tuning each unique layer of the multi-layered solution.

Your Fully Tuned Voice Security Solution

Remember, the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF) has 5 unique layers of protection. These layers and how they work collectively is what makes VTF so incredibly powerful and effective.

By the end of your Proof of Concept, your organization will have a fully tuned Voice Security solution. And, you and your team will understand how VTF works, how to maintain the different levels of protection, and how to use the Dashboard to oversee the day-to-day.

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Experience the Power of Layered Security

Your Voice Traffic Assessment will show you the incredible power of a single layer of our comprehensive, multi-layered security architecture.


Layer 1: STIR / SHAKEN

Layer 2: Proprietary Dynamic Database

Layer 3: Threat Radar

Layer 4: Custom Rules

Layer 5: Voice CAPATCHA


Analyzes STIR/SHAKEN attestation scores in call data for evidence of suspected call spoofing.

Layer 2: Proprietary Dynamic DB

Integrates data from worldwide resources to identify known spam, scam, spoofing and robocalls.

Layer 3: Threat Radar

Applies a set of analytic processes to detect atypical call patterns consistent with nefarious activity.

Layer 4: Custom Rules

Creates organization-specific custom rules directing filtering actions for matching calls.

Layer 5: Voice CAPTCHA

Extra layer of vetting that challenges callers to enter random digits before call is complete.