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The First Viable Solution to Block Voice Spam and Stop Robocalls to the Enterprise

Mutare in Action (Video)

The industry’s foremost Enterprise Voice Spam Solution is Mutare Voice Spam Filter. We block unwanted calls so they never come into your network.

Robocalls and Voice Spam Target Enterprises

Robocalls aren’t just ringing cell phones anymore and are targeting your enterprise. The problem is growing in scope and intensity and is now to a point where it is hitting the enterprise bottom line and impacting personal productivity by distracting knowledge workers with ringing phones. Voice spam disrupts revenue generation and customer service activities in departments, contact centers and all customer-facing operations. The Mutare Voice Spam Filter feature guards your voice network by filtering incoming calls, allowing legitimate business calls through while blocking spam callers, including robocallers. Unlike some spam solutions that ring your phone and interrupt your workflow, the Mutare Voice Spam Filter is designed to divert spam calls without ever ringing your phone.

How Does it Work?

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter relies on modern Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) digital communication. It examines the signaling information transmitted with the SIP call to identify the caller ID. Within a second, the filter checks the caller ID against enterprise whitelists and blacklists as well as dynamic robocall list(s). Whitelisted calls are passed through. Blacklisted calls are diverted either to a recording, or simply disconnected based on rules set up by the system administrator. Call screening is typically completed in under a few hundred milliseconds and callers don’t hear anything, making the system completely transparent to callers and your employees. There is no user training or change management disruption. The system operates automatically, and is virtually set it and forget it.

Integration with Your Call Completion Solution

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter is a feature of Mutare Voice™ and employs a modern digital workflow and graphical user web interface for easy administration. The Mutare Voice Spam Filter can be licensed and deployed as part of a call completion solution or as a stand-alone call filtering solution.

Schedule a Test Drive

It’s natural to want to take any new technology for a test drive. Contact us and find out how the Mutare Voice Spam Filter reduces voice spam and robocalls as soon as you turn it on!

Mutare Voice Spam Filter Features

Your Enterprise Controls Which Calls Get Through

Control Panel

Provides tools to configure how your system will handle calls.  Administrators can choose from options that include:

  • Allow all calls through without analyzing. All calls are logged for reporting.
  • Allow all calls through but analyze each call against the rules engine. All calls are logged for reporting.
  • Filtering all calls against the rules engine and/or external database of spam numbers. This option includes the choice of having these calls dropped or redirected. All calls are logged for reporting.

Blacklist / Whitelist Administration

Supports simple creation and control of enterprise-generated whitelist and blacklist numbers. Numbers can be added manually or imported from a .CSV file. The Rules Manager page lists all numbers by type (block/allow), description, and date added/updated, with tools to search and edit existing numbers.

Dynamic Blacklist Call Blocking

Supports interface with 3rd party spam blocking services for dynamic blacklisting of known robocall numbers. Mutare can provide necessary support to configure and enable spam filtering through validated 3rd party databases.

Logging and Reporting

Records all incoming call activity with visual display and report download options. Call history and summary reports include call and caller ID, call time, called number, result, reason for result, and what filter has been applied, and can be filtered by date range and spam filter type.