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Mutare Voice Spam Filter eliminates unwanted calls at the network edge.

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Mutare Voice Spam Filter

When you get rid of unwanted voice traffic such as phone number spoofing and robocalls, your organization will experience an immediate and significant improvement in overall network performance, a reduction in potential cybersecurity risk and an improvement in team member productivity.






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Overview: Mutare Voice Spam Filter

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter guards your voice network by filtering incoming calls, allowing legitimate business calls through while blocking spam callers like phone number spoofing. Unlike some spam solutions that ring your phone and interrupt your workflow, the Voice Spam Filter is designed to divert spam calls without ever ringing your phone. Because voice calls are the life blood of business, the feature was designed to “do no harm,” stepping out of the call path in the event of a failure and never “listening” into the call medium. The filter simply looks at the call signal data ensuring call integrity and security.

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Through a professional report, you get compelling insights and a new perspective about your organization’s voice traffic.

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Voice Traffic


Through a professional report, you get a robust analytical assessment, findings & recommendations of your organization’s voice traffic.

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Eliminate Robocalls

Phone number spoofing calls are blocked before the phone rings, while important business and customer calls get through.

How It Works…

We use SIP to stop unwanted traffic from entering your voice

The Voice Spam Filter relies on modern Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) digital communication. It examines the signaling information transmitted with the SIP call to identify the caller ID.

Within one second, the filter checks the caller ID against enterprise allowlists and blocklists, as well as dynamic robocall list(s) and, optionally, a phone number spoofing call detection system. Allowlisted calls are passed through. Blocklisted or suspect calls are diverted to a recording, filtered through the Mutare CAPTCHA, or simply disconnected based on rules set up by the system administrator. Call screening is typically completed in under a few hundred milliseconds, making the system completely transparent to callers and your employees.

Get to Know the Key Features

Robust Interactive Dashboard

Through the wonders of this sleek and powerful dashboard, you have the power to gain instant clarity and insights around your voice network traffic. With simple clicks and toggles, change time frames and discover how Unwanted Traffic is impacting your Network Performance and Security. Instantly get information like a graph displaying daily/hourly tallies of calls broken down to Unwanted and Wanted calls; the number and percentage of unwanted calls handled by specific Rules.

See for yourself with an intuitive demo.

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The Voice Spam Filter dashboard provides a data-rich overview of your system’s activity through a specified date range and simple toggling between day, week, month and year. 

We Play Nice with Others

Our solutions are vendor agnostic and built to work with a broad spectrum of voice / network technology providers.

  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Mitel
  • Microsoft
  • And many, many, many more!
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Custom Tuning

Quickly and easily improve your protection by tuning your system to fit your organization’s needs. With a few clicks you can create enterprise-specific blocklists and allowlists to augment the system’s external spam filtering and spoof detection capabilities.

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From the Rules Manager page, Administrators can identify and apply actions to specific numbers or partial numbers.

Control at Your Fingertips

Use the simple, intuitive Voice Spam Filter control panel to set your preferences for organization-wide spam handling, ranging from simply letting all calls through with logging only to full activation of spam filtering tools and spam call diversion.


  • Includes a unique CAPTCHA feature that, when activated, accepts calls flagged as suspicious but not necessarily proven as spam and challenges the caller to input random digits.
  • Designed to keep ahead of the evolving patterns of spammers, including the addition of a sophisticated “spoof” detection system that identifies when a call is using a fraudulent caller ID to trick the call recipient.
  • Assigned users can access an individualized web portal that they can use to create their own personal list of phone numbers that the system will block from calling through to their enterprise phone(s). Users can easily manage assigned numbers and see statistics on spam calling.
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The Voice Spam Filter Control Panel lets you decide what level of spam filtering and handling best fits the need of your organization.

Advanced Reporting

The Spam Filter Call Summary report is a graphical presentation of calls that have been processed through the spam filtering system. The overview graph displays how filtered calls have been handled (Route, Drop, or Allow, CAPTCHA screened) during a specified date range.
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The Voice Spam Filter system includes extensive logging of all system functions and provides graphical reports on all filtering actions with drill-down data and csv export.

Stop Robocalls, Spam Calls, Spoof Calls, and Vishing – Protect Your Business Voice Network

The industry’s foremost Enterprise Voice Spam Solution is Mutare Voice Spam Filter. We block unwanted calls so they never come into your network.

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