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Through Voice Traffic Analysis you will discover key insights and get detailed information about the unwanted voice traffic that is negatively impacting your enterprise voice network.

Comprehensive Analytical Report

Through Voice Traffic Analysis we will provide you with a professional multi-page report chock-full of valuable information. Through this report you will gain insight and understanding around your voice traffic and the impact of unwanted robocalls, spoof calls, vishing and spam calls. What’s included in the report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Findings & Recommendations
  • Business Drivers & Key Metrics
  • Inbound Voice Traffic Summarization
  • Breakdown: Unwanted Traffic
  • Breakdown: Caller IDs
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Experience the only enterprise-class business solution to identify and remove robocalls, spoofing and spam calls.

Our Voice Traffic Analysis programs allow you to try the leading enterprise solution for removing unwanted traffic in your voice network, Mutare Voice Spam Filter. Remember, we eliminate unwanted traffic at the network edge, so spoof calls, vishing, robocalls and spam calls never get into your network.


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When you experience the power of the Mutare Spam Filter through one of our Trial Programs, we will send a premium Vaporize T!

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Spam Calls

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