Empower Your Enterprise Voicemail

The Mutare Voice Platform enables you to enhance your current voicemail solution or replace it altogether!

Mutare Voice

Mutare Voice is a modern enterprise voicemail platform that reimagines business voicemail into data-rich digital notifications for easy access through text message, email, streaming link or phone handset. Powered by our native workflow engine and award-winning speech-to-text transcription engine, Mutare Voice delivers robust messages for improved communication, faster response times and more informed decisions.

Whether you need to augment your current voicemail solution, or replace it altogether, Mutare Voice provides a robust, feature-rich solution for Users and Administrators alike.

User Features

Modern UI:
Simple, with Powerful Control

Our dashboard displays your personal setup including one-click access to most used services: check your messages in a single view, manage your notification methods, configure settings for voice message management. 

business voicemail

Find all of your messages in one place, easily read on your mobile device without the need to dial in to listen to a voice message.

Retrieve Messages on Any Device 

With Mutare Voice, voicemail recordings and message transcription are easily accessible via your web portal, mobile device, smart watch or phone.

speech to text

Simplicity is our mantra, so there is no app to download.

…via Voicemail, Text, Email, Audio & More

Access your messages any way: text; email; IM; audio file attachment, streaming link; or call in for message playback. 

Enterprise Voicemail

Simple controls can be arranged to match your personal likings.

Message Waiting Indicator

With the Mutare Voice Platform, you can even keep your Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) for new message notification – the choice is yours!

Powerful Search:
Keyword, Caller ID, Name & More

Sifting through your call history and message content is quick and easy. Using the Search field, messages can be searched by caller ID, caller ID name, or keywords in the transcription.

Voicemail Search

Click on any message for an expanded display of message details and controls.

Call Forwarding:
We’ve got your Mobile Phone Covered, Too!

Not in the office today and want the benefits of Mutare Voice for your mobile phone number? Forward your mobile phone to a number provided by your administrator and all missed cell phone calls will enjoy the same Mutare Voice message transcription and notification options available for your enterprise desk phone.

Mobile Voicemail

Especially valuable for those who do not have a business line, this feature allows you to enable Mutare Voice for calls to your personal mobile phone.

Speech to Text:
That’s Right, READ your Voicemail!

Read your voicemail quickly and accurately converted to text to make your life easier. These text-based messages are easy to read, efficiently stored, and are fully searchable!

Speech to Text Voicemail

Messages can include an attachment of the audio file with the transcription of the message

Caller Context:
Get Context with your Voicemails…That’s Cool!

CRM, Outlook and ZoomInfo are quickly integrated with Mutare Voice to provide deeper and broader caller details. It’s all about context; understanding who your callers are and how to prioritize them will help you improve your customer service and be more efficient.

Voicemail Context

We can also add caller-related information from the ZoomInfo database, including the caller’s email address, title, links to social sites, and company attributes such as number of employees and revenue.

Admin Features

Platform Agnostic:
We Work Easily with Others

Out of the box, Mutare Voice is made to work with a vast number of collaboration platforms including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Microsoft and others. For the enterprise that still relies on traditional voicemail, it was designed and built to work simply and easily with just about any telephony, collaboration or unified messaging solution. 

unified messaging

Simplified Call Routing:
Our Auto Attendant is Powerful & Simple

The Mutare Voice flexible, features-rich Auto Attendant functionality can be applied to any designated line and admin control assigned to any user or users.

Voicemail Auto Attendant

Quickly build and assign auto attendant actions to any designated line from a single, intuitive builder.

Reporting & Compliance:
We Have you Covered for Reporting & Compliance

Mutare Voice provides robust reporting capabilities. From the graphical dashboard, admins can see a general overview of their organization’s voice system(s) and messaging activity.

Voicemail Admin Dashboard

Review/download one of the focused reports covering all message handling activity, inbound calls by type and a detailed audit log of user activity.

Dedicated Customer Support:
Amazing Humans are Here for You!

You will enjoy the convenience and reliability of having a dedicated support person during implementation and ongoing support. Our systems are widely recognized for being straightforward and quick to implement and can be deployed on premise or hosted in the cloud.

Voicemail Admin Dashboard

If the need for help does arise, enjoy the convenience of full 24×7 support, including free upgrades for the life of the solution.

Admin Controls:
Hey Admin, we give you the Power!

Administrators have full control over system configurations that they can customize to meet their organization’s specific needs. Additionally, because Mutare serves clients from all over the world, our menus can be recorded in any language.

Voicemail Admin Dashboard

Admin controls include user management, notification templates, built-in announcements, voice system enablement and general user permissions.

Solution Updates

We are continuously evolving and enhancing our solutions, click below to learn more!

New Release: Mutare Voice September 2022 3.5

Check out our newest Mutare Voice Solution Update for version 3.5. It comes with updates to Enhanced Messages Management Workflow, GUI Visual Enhancements, New Admin Reports & more.

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