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Mutare in Action (Video)

The most robust Enterprise Voice Messaging Solution in the marketplace is Mutare Voice…simple to use, quick to implement and plays nice with all your enterprise collaboration solutions.

Transform Voice Messaging

Mutare Voice transforms voice messaging into a digital workflow to help increase sales, decrease costs and meet regulatory compliance. It enables faster response to important messages, blocks annoying spam calls, appends messages with additional content from your CRM and enables data mining with advanced speech to text transcription and analytics tools.

With Mutare Voice, you will

– Be More Productive
– Increase Customer Satisfaction
– Save Money
– Increase Revenue
– Meet Regulatory Compliance

Transform Digital Communications

Whether replacing your voice system or enabling your current system with the advanced capabilities of Mutare Voice, we make the process easy. Our experienced and responsive professional services team can help you select the right solution for your organization and then implement quickly.

Schedule a Test Drive

It’s natural to want to take any new technology for a test drive. Contact us and you will be on your way to seeing how Mutare Voice delivers the best, most cost-effective voice messaging experience for your organization and the customers you serve.

Mutare Voice Features

All-in-One Enterprise Messaging Solution


Automatically and professionally answers calls to your enterprise. Mutare Voice supports an unlimited number of auto attendants. Auto Attendant functions include playing announcements, dial by name, dial by extension, transfer, transfer to another auto attendant and hang up. Schedules and holidays are supported and include time zone options.

Block Caller Notification

Mutare Voice can be configured to block “spam” callers, such as annoying robo calls and obnoxious cold callers. When a user blocks a number, the caller hears an announcement such as “The party you called [INSERT NAME] is not accepting voice messages at this time. Goodbye.” – then hangs up on the caller. A notification will not be sent to the user. This saves time for both the employee, who does not want to be bothered with the call, as well as the caller, who would waste time leaving a message that will never receive a return call.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Mutare Voice messages can be delivered to clinicians using Mutare Text secure client for HIPAA-compliant messaging applications. Messages can also be appended with data from an electronic health record. Mutare Text is sold separately from Mutare Voice.

Analytics & Message Appending

Gain insights about callers such as sentiment, gender and audio clarity. Customizable CRM appending can include caller data appended from an external CRM database based on the caller ID.

Secure Web Portal

For employees who want to control their own settings, including personalized announcements, out of office management, find me options or even block spam caller notifications, Mutare Voice includes an easy to use web portal. The Mutare Voice user portal is a well-designed and secure, and its stunningly simple graphical user interface works with any browser.

Spam Filter

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter guards your voice network by filtering incoming calls, allowing legitimate business calls through while blocking spam callers. Unlike some spam solutions that ring your phone and interrupt your workflow, the Mutare Voice Spam Filter diverts spam calls without ever ringing your phone. The feature is designed to “do no harm,” steps out of the call path in the event of a failure and never “listens” in to the call medium. The filter simply looks at the call signal data ensuring call integrity and security.

Mutare Voice FAQs

New technology that replaces voicemail with a digital workflow

What is Mutare Voice?
Mutare Voice is a new technology that replaces voicemail with a modern digital workflow for employees. Mutare Voice answers missed calls, records a message, converts the recording to text and delivers the message to the employee as text message, email or instant message. Mutare Voice can even append voice messages with additional data from a CRM or other databases.
How does Mutare Voice replace voicemail?

Mutare Voice enables the enterprise to replace voicemail with a digital workflow. Mutare Voice’s value rests in four basic principles for a call completion strategy:

1) Serve all callers and be responsive;
2) Serve employees by eliminating the need to manage greetings and dialing in to retrieve messages;
3) Notify employees of calls by their choice of message handling in email, text message or IM;
4) Convey the gist of the message with a transcript, eliminating message waiting lights, and enabling employees to distinguish between spam and urgent calls visually.

Does Mutare Voice support Lync IM or Skype for Business?

Yes. Mutare Voice messages can be delivered directly into an employee’s instant message service so missed voice calls don’t interrupt workflow.

How is Mutare Voice different from voicemail?

Mutare Voice eliminates the voice mailbox for employees. Employees no longer need to:

– Manage greetings
– Use a telephone interface to listen and delete messages
– Manage PINs
– Rely on message waiting lights

Mutare Voice has the ability to append messages with data from a CRM or other database to provide employees with messages that include context and background.

While the voice mailbox goes away for the employee, callers are still served by being able to leave messages. If the caller hangs up, Mutare Voice will notify the called party of the hang up, sending along the caller ID and time of the call.

How is Mutare Voice different from other Unified Communications Solutions that put voicemail into email?
Mutare Voice is very different from “UC” voicemail solutions that provide “voicemail to email.” Most UC solutions require users to still maintain greetings and manage voice mailboxes. They can require cumbersome desktop clients and separate inboxes to manage messages. Mutare Voice eliminates all that overhead and includes voice to text transcription. Mutare Voice is also capable of delivering caller insights to users. Messages are appended with data about the caller typically pulled from a customer database such a Salesforce CRM. Mutare Voice looks up the caller ID on the message and can add details such as the caller’s name, title, company, email address, account number and any notes from the CRM.
How does Mutare Voice handle greeting callers?
The Mutare Voice system combines recorded voice snippets along with smart tags to create “announcements” tailored to the caller. Smart tags can include data in the announcement such as the called party’s name, extension, date or other data that is spoken to callers using text to speech. When combined with recordings, the number and type of announcements are virtually unlimited. A system administrator can combine recordings and tags so callers are served and employees never have to manage greetings. Here is an example of a smart announcement: “The party you have called [NAME], is unavailable. Please leave a short, clear message [BEEP].
How do I cost justify Mutare Voice?
Mutare Voice is typically funded from savings derived from eliminating voicemail and reallocating the budget dollars used to purchase, support and maintain voicemail to Mutare Voice instead. Further, Mutare Voice improves employee workflow by eliminating the analog workflow of dialing in to check messages manually. The Mutare Voice ROI will vary by organization and circumstances but is almost always less expensive than voicemail for enterprises with 500 or more employees.
How is Mutare Voice deployed?

Mutare Voice is a .NET application running on Microsoft Windows and requires a dedicated server. The server may be physical or virtual. The application connects to a PBX via SIP trunks and is compatible with any phone system that supports a coverage path via SIP trunks. It is most deployed with Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel and ShoreTel phone systems. The application can be deployed on the customer premise, in the Mutare Cloud or 3rd party private and public clouds for call completion. While it is typically deployed to replace aging voicemail systems, the Mutare Voice application can work with an existing voicemail system such as Avaya Aura Messaging, Cisco Unity, CallPilot and other legacy voicemail systems to digitally transform voicemail into a modern text based workflow.

Can users record announcements in their own voice?

Yes. Mutare Voice includes the option for users to record and use their own personal announcement if this feature is enabled for your organization.

My security policy will not let the audio outside the internet. Can the giSTT server be located on premise?
Mutare can provide a preloaded giSTT appliance (special hardware and software) to be connected in the same local LAN as the Mutare Voice server. This is an extra cost option and can only be justified for organizations with several thousand users.
I want to provide my own SQL Server. What versions are supported?
SQL Server 2014 or better.
How and when might a SIP Session Border control come into play?
If the customer is using Session Manager, then Session Manager will set up the SIP Sessions to Mutare Voice. Same for if the customer is using Session Border Control, the customer will set up the SBC to set up SIP sessions to Mutare Voice.
My CM/PBX does not have SIP. Is another way I can connect to Mutare Voice?
No. At this time the only way to connect to Mutare Voice is via SIP. If the customer does not have SIP, the only way at this time is to have a gateway placed in between the PBX and Mutare Voice. This gateway goes from T1 to SIP, and the customer would be responsible to set this up.
Can Mutare Voice interface to traditional voicemail to support hybrid digital transformation for those users?
Yes. Mutare can interface to most voicemail systems. Mutare Voice can copy the voicefile, transcribe it, append it, and deliver it digitally to the user. Links inthe delivery can be used to mark messages as read in the voicemail system andto delete voice messages to prevent the traditional voicemail box from fillingup. The user can still access their traditional voicemail box by phone. Somelimitations apply.