What is Vishing?

Background, Definitions, High Profile Attacks
& How to Protect the Enterprise

January 25th | 1 PM ET

A Rising Threat – Voice Phishing (Vishing)

The alarming escalation of Vishing attacks on the enterprise has resulted in a growing number of damaging, high profile data breaches and has perplexed both cyber-security and voice network professionals.  If you google “stop vishing,” the best advice promoted in the top articles is to simply not answer the phone.  This is outdated thinking and bad for business. 

We now have a modern technology solution specifically developed to eliminate vishing, robocalls and a host of nuisance and nefarious phone calls from your voice traffic.

 In this Webinar we dive into Vishing to explain what it is, how it works, and its many evolving forms.  Additionally, we will examine the elements of recent high profile Vishing Attacks perpetrated on some of the country’s most renowned organizations including Robinhood, Twitter, Cisco, Intuit and Twilio.  Most importantly, we will show you how you can protect your organization from Vishing and a wide variety of cyber attacks when the telephone is the adversary’s weapon of choice.

Did you know….Vishing Attacks have grown 550% in the last year?


Wednesday, January 25, 2023
1:00-2:00 PM ET




  1. Key Cybersecurity Metrics for the Voice Channel
  2. Understanding Vishing  (Voice Phishing) & its many iterations
  3. Other Voice-Related Attack Types
  4. Profiles of Recent Vishing Attacks
  5. How to Protect your Organization from Vishing and Other Phone-Centric Attacks
  6. Q & A

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